20+ People That Are So Genius, They Make Us Jealous

3 years ago

Our lives consist of big and small problems that we have to solve every day. And everyone does this in their own way. Some people give a second life to a broken pot, and others know how to open a car door with a piece of duct tape if they left the key inside.

We at Bright Side want to make our lives simple and more comfortable, so we already know what to do in the situations the people from this compilation were in. Here are 21 life hacks from people that you’ll definitely be inspired by.

1. “My 79-year-old mother’s cable management”

2. “I found it easier to build a stand-in for video conferencing than to make myself presentable every day.”

3. “We have an ant problem, so my dad made a makeshift moat to protect his biscuits.”

4. Broken vase? No problem! Just put the pieces together elegantly.

5. “Forgot to give my friend a blanket last night and woke up to this...”

6. Any work can be simple if you know how to do it right.

7. “I found out my mom uses swim goggles to avoid crying when cutting onions.”

8. A budget-friendly desk and chair made of cardboard boxes

9. This is how you can transport 6 dogs on 1 bike.

10. If you break your key, heat up a glue gun rod, press it against the keyhole, and pull once the rod cools down.

11. The decoy keyboard is working.

12. “Went to my parent’s house the other day. My dad labeled his phone.”

13. This is a nice way to deal with a dent.

14. “This is how I cut my pizza to avoid cutting the pepperoni.”

15. “This taco truck started doing business during an accident-related traffic jam.”

16. “Found this fork in my brother’s house and asked him why he had done it... Then he ran upstairs to grab his iPad.”

17. “I put a cinema chair on an office chair to make the comfiest chair ever!”

18. “I didn’t have a loaf pan and wanted to make chocolate banana bread.”

19. So smart!

20. If you have mats down and are doing yoga or any workout and don’t want your cat getting in your way, just place a box they like nearby and voila!

21. “Didn’t have a pot lid, but I had a cheap pizza pan, a pop riveter, and a coat hanger. Now I have a pot lid.”

What simple life hacks do you use every day? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Loved how the broken vase was fixed! Whoever did that is really smart!


I think I'm trying what the lady on number 7 did when cutting onions lol


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