20+ People That Love Thrift Shopping and Look Like Hollywood Stars

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Nowadays, you can find any type of clothing and shoes in stores. But if you like something unique, you should go to a thrift store. There, you can find a true gem in a pile of trash.

We at Bright Side love looking at the cool clothes Internet users manage to find in thrift stores, and we hope we’ll get just as lucky one day.

“It was made a long time ago, but I think it was made for me. I got her last night at a thrift store and fell in love with it.”

“Went to a thrift store. Didn’t find anything I liked until I saw a man wearing a jacket with my favorite band’s logo on it.”

“I asked if he’d consider selling it, tried it on, and bought it off his back for $200.”

“This vintage dress was a gift from my aunties.”

“A new $550 Ralph Lauren suit for $50”

“My wedding dress from the 1970s — I found it in a thrift store 10 years ago and had been waiting for a chance to wear it.”

“Found a skirt at a thrift store and I feel very feminine in it.”

“Flea marked find! Only $3 for this Louis Vuitton scarf. It’s cashmere and silk, so soft and huge!”

“The friend I was with said she hated me for seeing this pearl first.”

“My favorite vintage find”

“I found these shoes that somebody has refashioned.”

“I’m still shaking. $5. Yves Saint Laurent mink coat!”

Scored this vintage jumpsuit for just $15. It’s like I won a lottery!”

“Thrifted a wedding attendee dress for $12. The salesperson said I looked like a Greek goddess.”

“One of my favorite yard sale finds ever — a vintage snow goose parka for $25.”

“I’m thrilled by the dress I bought at an antique store. Look at the sleeves!”

“I wanted these boots but couldn’t spend $200 or more on them. Found a pair of my size in a thrift store.”

“Was looking for something for my brother’s wedding and thrifted this dress. Pure silk.”

“Found this Banana Republic piece for just $20.49. It’s the first really high-quality thing in my wardrobe.”

“I don’t know how old this dress is, but I’m in love. $6? It’s mine!”

“I dreamed about this coat for several years, and I finally found it in a thrift store for just $30.”

“I bought a Herve Leger designer dress for just $18.99. Can’t believe I got this diamond for this ridiculous money.”

“I found a gorgeous vintage Christian Dior coat for just $17.50 and paired it with my late grandmother’s fur collar.”

“A perfect wedding dress from a thrift store for just $15”

What is the best purchase you can remember?

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