20 People Who Can Easily Turn Old Junk Into a Masterpiece

3 years ago

It’s assumed that a sofa lasts, on average, for 7-15 years; a chair, 7-10 years; and a car, about 8 years. After this period of time, most people are in a rush to get rid of their “problematic” things and replace them with new ones. But there are some people who don’t run away from difficulties like these and patiently bring worn-out objects back to life.

We at Bright Side are sure that skillful hands can perform real miracles. And sometimes, we can’t believe our own eyes when we see the final result.

This restored Gucci bag looks like a designer piece again, even though it was bought at a thrift shop.

“I like to restore antiques and I’m happy with the work I’ve done with this little Zero fan.”

“I redecorated an old box and transformed it into an unusual mailbox.”

“A man brought me a wedding ring that he found in the garbage chute.”

“I restored this antique oak desk made by Gillows of Lancaster.”

“I bought this at my local car wash. It was slowly dying and didn’t work because of water damage.”

“I found this set of lounge chairs at my local thrift shop. They cost me $22.”

“I made a new pedestal for this unusual antique table and renovated it.”

“I’ve been working on this project for almost 2 years. And I’ve almost completely restored these scales.”

“Now my dream car is ready.”

“I found this beauty a few weeks ago at a thrift store. My boyfriend and I fixed it up real nice. It’s my favorite piece of furniture in the house now.”

“This rocking chair cost me only $6. I’ve just gotten around to refurbishing it.”

“$6, some dye, and varnish — voila!”

“I’ve recently finished restoring this drill press.”

It seems unreal that this is the same chair.

“One of my favorite dumpster finds!”

“Someone managed to bend and break their wedding ring. I fixed it.”

An old sofa, before and after upholstering and restoring it

“I pulled this cabinet out of a trash heap. It used to be part of a military file cabinet.”

Although the fabric looks almost decent in the first photo, in real life, it was very dirty, ripped, separated from the chair, and looked disgusting.

Have you ever restored old items?

Preview photo credit jmman / imgur


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That ring you fixed ,comes from tense atmosphere cursed with abusive tones , never keep that kind of shit with you better sell it and get some brand new cash


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