20 People Who Found Relics of the Past in Thrift Stores

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To travel back in time, we don’t need a time machine like the ones we see in the movies. Through stories, photographs, and even objects, we can feel part of the times in which we were not yet born. Some lucky ones proved it by finding items from decades ago in second-hand stores still in optimal conditions.

Bright Side loves bargain stories, so we want to share with you a few treasures found for a very good price.

1. “1970s estate sale haul! $10 apiece. The green dress is an Emma Domb, and the other two are handmade.”

2. “A complete Art Deco suite. It’s insane.”

3. “Vintage Gucci for $2?! Not likely, but I got it anyway. Don’t judge me. The fabric feels like heaven!”

4. “First iced coffee in my new (to me) 1983 Burger King glass. Found at an antiques mall in Florida.”

5. “1966 Universal Lamp Company folding lamp. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for one of these, and I only paid $5.50!”

6. “You know what this corner needed? Storage. $25 on Marketplace for this gigantic ’70s-era Tab cabinet.”

7. “I’ve been looking for a vintage green glassware set. Found all 12 for $10.”

8. “Decided to explore some of the smaller thrift stores in the area and scored two handmade vintage pieces!”

9. “’90s windbreaker, $4”

10. “My white whale! Vintage wood canoe in excellent shape for $75!”

11. “Rare vintage finds at Goodwill today. $8 each.”

12. “I don’t think I’ll ever top finding this for 100$”

13. “Super cool ’70s wall-mounted jewelry case! $10”

14. “Not sure what era this is from, but fell in love. $6? I’ll take it!”

15. “Found four of my late mom’s hand blown crystal glasses discontinued in the ’60s”

16. “1974 Hornsea Saffron coffee set, bargain at £5”

17. “Disney’s Cinderella vintage press photo, I’m assuming it’s from the first release.”

18. “So happy! Found a 16-piece 1970s Lenox Merriment set in beautiful condition.”

19. “I finally found a vintage ceramic lava Christmas tree!”

20. “This could actually be a 90s vintage Barbie. Picked it up while thrifting for toys for my daughter.”

What is your most precious treasure from the past?

Preview photo credit NotWorthyByAnyMeans / Reddit


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