20+ People Who Got a Pile of Garbage and Turned It Into Something Worthy

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People on our list love to save old and, thanks to the time and dirt, seemingly ruined objects. They’ve learned from their own example that a thick layer of dust and rust can hide nice things that just need some cleaning and a little bit of repair. And these people don’t get easily scared, even with most difficult cases.

“I knew that I could turn this piece of garbage into a nice thing.”

“My copper sink changed its color but I cleaned it with a mild detergent, apple cider vinegar, and a thin layer of toothpaste.”

“I purchased 3 skillets for $6 in total. Quality cookware was hidden under a thick layer of rust and dirt.”

“I made a Harry Potter themed dresser for my niece.”

A trash can makeover:

“I just had to soak this pot overnight in detergent made for grills and ovens.”

“I restored a mid-50s highchair that my grandma used with my mother. Now we can give it to my sister, who just had her first baby.”

“We’ve just purchased a power washer, and this was our first project. We cleaned our 20-year-old bench.”

“My mom wanted to buy a vintage mixer and I found a one that still worked for $5 at a thrift shop. I had to work hard to fix it and give it to my mom for Christmas.”

This car looks like brand-new now:

“I restored a Louis Vuitton bag that I bought for $75.”

It turned out that the teddy bear was never brown.

“I refurbished these Corcoran jump boots.”

“I bought this silver sugar bowl for $3. This is what it looked like after a good polish.”

“I bought the exact replica of a vintage Herman Miller Eames lounge chair. I had to work on it a bit, but it looks like new now.”

“This oven was so dirty that I had to use putty knives and razor blades instead of cleaning products to clean it.”

“I washed the rug that was left behind by the old homeowners. I had no idea the design was this intricate.”

“It was a real challenge to make this old toy look good again.”

“I’m over halfway done with restoring this leather sofa. The difference is pretty dramatic, right?”

What a professional restoration looks like:

“I still don’t believe that I managed to get the seats that clean.”

“I got this old retro table at a garage sale for $2. It looked like a real Frankenstein, made of cheap wood. I needed 2 days to bring it back to life.”

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Lady-of-Letters / Reddit


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I like refurbishing old stuff :) I have made my granny's old bed frame into an amazing modern-vintage style bed for me and my husband. (with his help of course;) )


I love seeing how things can actually be improved! These are definitely mind-blowing


Ok the vintage mixer is to die for! I love baking and love my mixer, but this one is just too cute... and just for 5 dollar??? I mean ?


The vintage Herman Miller Eames lounge chair is all I need in my life! Whoever did the restoring work did an amazing job! ??


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