20 People Who Know How to Endlessly Entertain Themselves

4 years ago

Binge-watching series, drawing, reading, singing in the shower, that’s what we do when we have some spare time. Some people, however, seem to have a never-ending imagination when it comes to leisure activities.

We at Bright Side never cease to be amazed by how creative our followers can be. Read the article through to the end and see if you have ever imagined doing something like that.

1. “A house near us puts these bears out every day, doing a different activity every time. It’s all I live for currently...”

2. “This is what a one carrot diamond looks like.”

3. “This owner had the whole neighborhood help train his dog.”

4. “My fiancé just asked me to come into the kitchen to see what he made. It’s a couch potato.”

5. Let the Great Battle for the last Dorito begin!

“There was a lot of discussion over who got the last full Dorito, so my girlfriend and I decided to save it. I’m working on a paper mache replica, so I can steal and eat it without her knowing.”

6. “C-Section went smooth, and all babies are safe.”

7. “Delivered a package this morning. I think I nailed it.”

8. “A beekeeper built a Lego beehive, and real bees have moved in!”

9. Amazon delivery has really improved lately.

10. “I was browsing pictures of houses for sale in the mountains, and one owner included this gem in the tour.”

11. If having 2 dogs is not enough for you...

12. “It stormed during the eclipse, so my dad improvised.”

13. “Dad put coconut shells on the stumps to make them look like mushrooms.”

14. “This bun seems to exercise more than I do.”

15. “My dad was very excited to send over this blueberry cycle!”

16. “My fiancée says I’m handsome... like a Japanese woodblock print.”

17. “Money well spent.”

18. I just decided to figure out how many strawberries there are in 2 boxes of cereal.

19. “I recently got a plushie of a bird shaped like a kiwi, so I got a real kiwi and made it look like the plushie.”

20. “I figured if I’m sitting at home on the couch all the time, the cats should get to do that too.”

People have created some crazy things, and we totally love it. Have you ever come up with a strange but adorable idea? Please share it with us!

Preview photo credit Jill Linden / Facebook


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