20 People Who Managed to Astound Us

year ago

The recipe for astonishment is quite simple. Take one spoonful of the unexpected, add a few drops of the unprepared, mix them together, and serve at the right time. And it seems like there are many people born to amaze us with their creativity or strength every single day.

1. “Mom’s last hair. Self-portrait. 4 months of chemo remaining for this incredible woman.”

2. “My kid left a face print in the sand.”

3. Still happy together.

4. “My husband gifted me a bucket list item for my birthday this year. I got to go play with baby otter pups!”

5. “There is a giant Valentine’s Day pig delivering balloons to patients.”

6. “Thankful son outside of Salem Hospital”

7. “Fighting a battle every day. 7 Stone off. I’m still me.”

8. “My wife’s dart got stuck in the back of another dart.”

9. “He is a receptionist at a radio station, and he was trying to make me laugh too.”

“I’m sure he greets everyone the same way irrespective of the length of their hair.”

10. “The way our regular Amazon delivery driver dressed for Christmas Eve.”

11. “Donating plasma for my 33rd birthday.”

12. “My co-worker crocheted this for my niece for Christmas.”

13. “Here is my Mexican coworker. He wore this all day while we served enchiladas and guacamole.”

14. “Pikachu on tour.”

15. “Me and my friends managed to rescue 2 sea turtles from an illegal fish net.”

16. “Finally the weekend. Time to relax and enjoy the nice weather!”

17. “Cruising around town hoping to help folks smile a bit.”

18. “Grandma’s buddy at craft time. I love her smile!”

19. “My 8yo daughter has been growing her hair for nearly 2 years to donate it to a charity that makes wigs for cancer kids that cannot afford them.”

20. “First-year coaching! Every game is a win in my book.”

Preview photo credit mambosun_ / Reddit


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