11 Things That Suddenly Became Popular Thanks to Movies

2 years ago

When creating movies, people draw inspiration from the real world. But sometimes, the things that appear on screens influence viewers and make them change their tastes and habits. Sometimes, such an effect is a good marketing move that helps push a certain product. But often, movie creators get really surprised by the behavior of the public.

We at Bright Side decided to find out which things became extremely popular after certain films and series were released.

Marie Antoinette made the French macaron popular again.

It’s believed that the recipe for this dessert was brought to France by Catherine de Medici. Macarons have always been popular in their homeland, but Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette made them popular worldwide. After Kirsten Dunst was seen eating the different-colored desserts in the film, the interest in macarons was ignited. Many bakeries appeared that started making and selling them. Dunst even joked that she and Coppola should have invested in this business right after the film was released.

Scarlett Johansson inspired women to dye their hair red.

Even though Black Widow got pretty mixed reviews, its release sparked a lot of interest in red hair. An online store selling beauty products reported that the sales of hair dye in this color increased. The interesting thing is that Johansson looked the way she always does in this franchise. Maybe the reason for the hype was because people had been waiting for the release of the film for several years.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before unexpectedly increased the sales of yogurt.

After this film appeared on Netflix, the sales of Korean yogurt increased. Even the shares of the stock climbed about 2.6%. In the film, the main character and her sister love this drink. But the most interesting scene with the yogurt is when Peter tries it for the first time. Fans quickly found out what the brand was and it pumped the sales.

The Italian Job increased the sales of Mini Coopers.

The Italian Job producers weren’t very happy with how the movie performed. But BMW was really satisfied. The sales of their cars increased by 20% after the film was released. And believe it or not, the company didn’t spend a dime on promoting them.

Saturday Night Fever made the disco style popular worldwide.

None of the creators of Saturday Night Fever expected the musical to do so well. After its release, many of the people that worked on it woke up famous. That’s when John Travolta became a huge movie star and the disco style got super popular. The famous outfit Travolta wore was seen everywhere.

Bridget Jones’s Diary created the tradition of eating ice cream in front of the TV.

The generation that has grown up watching Bridget Jones’s Diary really loves ice cream. If the weather is bad and you can’t go outside for a walk, you can just sit in front of your TV with a hefty portion of good ice cream.

Carrie Bradshaw made nameplate necklaces a popular trend.

These necklaces were quite popular among teenage girls in the ’80s. But when the main character of Sex and the City appeared on-screen with one, they became a trend. Such necklaces are still popular among women of different ages.

Miami Vice revolutionized the world of men’s fashion.

The series, Miami Vice, which was released in the ’80s, gave men a few new trendy outfits. Men started wearing jackets with T-shirts, loafers without socks, and brighter colors. Also, a little bit of facial hair, like that of the main character, became quite trendy.

Twin Peaks made cherry pie a hit.

Some critics say that the entire history of television can be divided into 2 parts: before Twin Peaks and after. David Lynch created a completely new look of a small town, all dark and mysterious. Black coffee and cherry pie were really popular there. So, of course, after the series was released, coffee places with this dessert started opening everywhere.

Twilight made mushroom ravioli very popular.

Bella ate mushroom ravioli in the book and in the film, and this meal became really popular because of it. First, fans just came to Forks to try the meal. But the demand was so high that the company started producing frozen ravioli so that anyone could buy it.

Rocky influenced the modern look of wrestling.

Sylvester Stallone’s film didn’t only change the genre of sports drama but also the course of wrestling. Fighters started choosing which songs to play when they went into the ring. And after every show, a certain tune would play — just like in the film.

Have you ever bought anything or maybe changed your appearance after watching a film?

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