20+ People Who Perfectly Nailed Halloween Costumes

2 years ago

Every October people let their creative juices flow and create costumes that make people’s jaws drop. Halloween’s celebrants used their funny bones and highlighted their unique characteristics. For example, a man with only one leg used his trait and posed as a microscope, or a foodie dressed up as a pizza when everyone else was dominoes.

We at Bright Side love Halloween and couldn’t miss a chance to share these 21 costumes from people who seem to have a magic touch. And don’t forget to check out the bonus at the end.

1. “Happy Halloween from The Queen!”

2. “Couldn’t resist dressing up our two-year-old triplets as hobbits for Halloween.”

3. Halloween is over, Grinch begins preparing for his operation.

4. Would you like to play a game?

5. “My little man has always been on the skinny side... well tonight it worked in his favor. He sure nailed this.”

6. “My wife and I as Van Gogh and Starry Night.”

7. “I decided to dress up as a vampire for Halloween.”

8. “How did I do with my Bob Ross costume?”

9. “A family of Vikings.”

10. “My team said we were dressing as Dominoes....”

11. “The internet must be explored!”

12. “2021, where supply chains are spooky...”

13. “I had a baby so what better costume.”

14. Every October, this man with one leg surprises the internet with his awesome costumes.

15. “Another year of incorporating my wheelchair into my Halloween costume.”

16. “Hiya, pal!”

17. Happy Halloween from a Lego man!

18. Fast food villains.

19. “My son decided to Rick Roll the school for Halloween.”

20. “My wife is a school bus driver and dressed up as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween this year.”

21. Steve Irwin’s son, Robert, dressed as Loki for Halloween (with an alligator variant).

Bonus: not only costumes are creative. These people prepared something special for trick or treaters.

“I love the neighbors in my building.”

Dalgona challenge: your goal is to remove the shape from the honeycomb without breaking it.

“We did our first trunk or treat tonight!”

Do you celebrate Halloween? What was the best costume that you’ve ever seen?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit AFP/EAST NEWS, beta_bunny / reddit


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