20+ People Who Realized That Their Pets Would Grow Up, but Life Still Managed to Surprise Them

3 years ago

Our pets that grow faster than other people’s children. From the minute that this fluffy creature fits in the palm of your hand, to the moment of sudden discovery that you have a chubby horse puppy in your home, only a handful of months go by. And photographs remind us of how quickly this time flies.

We at Bright Side love to look at the pictures of our 4-legged friends, where we can see the process of growth and development of yesterday’s babies with our own eyes. And the characters of our article do have something to brag about.

“A month ago, I didn’t know we got a horse puppy. Jeez, the amount of food she eats! Her height is 6’4’’ and apparently this isn’t the limit. Where is the switch?”

This is Izzie. Her size has changed, but her habits haven’t.

My dog, Nuba, the first day I adopted him and 6 months later.

— “6 more months and he won’t be able to fit into your house!”

“10 puppies were thrown into the trash heap near our house. I was told that they would grow up to be somewhere around knee-high. I went there, put my hand in the box, and chose whoever grabbed my finger first. Hanzo is still growing.”

Photos of a kitten taken 7 months apart

This is how one puppy grew up over a year, the slipper is for scale.

The gang is growing.

“Reign has grown so much in a year. My little nugget.”

10 months have passed since the first photo was taken.

Exactly one year apart. The dog got a little bigger.

“Sylvester’s transformation! We found this ugly duckling on the street and now, he’s truly a beautiful swan.”

The same guy 2 years apart

“This is my buddy, Oakley, 9 months apart. He’s a silly boy.”

“Over 3 years our flower has bloomed, and he makes us happy with his beauty and wonderful character.”

“Our Saint Bernard, Dudley, when he was 11 months and when he was one year old. If I lifted him every day, I’d become a powerlifter in a year!”

“My boy, Wrigley, the day my wife and I adopted him and 2 years later”

“Katyuna when she was 4 hours old and at a year old. Her mission is to bite and scratch all the bipeds, drop everything, declare war on the Plastic Bag Monster, and win.”

“The peak of her creativity was when I sat down for lunch and found clods of soil mixed with ivy fragments falling on me and my food. We love this pest.”

“The beagle still lays on top of the chihuahua years later... It has become a problem.”

“This is Leia, my Samoyed and Collie mix. The photos were taken on the day we brought her home and 10 months later.”

“4 years ago, we decided that we were missing a fluffy creature at home. We saw these kids, and then everything happened in a blur. These 2 dumplings grew up, and they still sleep nose to nose.”

“A white raccoon dog named Vovchik. From a small puppy who was supposed to become a hat, he turned into a fat and happy sausage.”

“A neighbor’s cat gave birth in our woodshed. We kept one kitten for ourselves and named him Pafnutia. Soon, he’ll be 7 years old. He is fluffy, has a long tail, and takes up most of the bed.”

“We adopted him when he was a month-old baby. In his first days at home, he was afraid of our cat. At first, we thought we had a Jack Russell terrier, then we hoped that he was a beagle. Now he is a big fool, who will soon be a year old, and he’s still growing.”

“We adopted Thor 8 months ago. He is a cross between a Great Dane and an Akita, and he just keeps growing and gaining muscle mass.”

How have your pets changed from the moment they appeared in your life to today?

Preview photo credit MulberrySpartacus / Imgur


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