20 People Who Should Have Stayed in Bed That Day

4 years ago

In the average life span of 75 years, a person will spend approximately 9,125 days in bed. The people in the photos included in this list should've stayed there for just one more.

Bright Side wants everyone to have a good day every day, but sometimes there are just those days when no matter how hard you try, things just refuse to go your way.

20. This what a close look at the game looks like:

19. Accident prevention

18. As long as it's nicely tied...

17. This is why you jump far from the city:

16. Oh, boy...

15. Bull's-eye!

14. That's not what Fresh Step is for...

13. The pride and fall of the sandwich

12. Something tells me he's not welcome...

11. When your food outsmarts you:

10. Nature vs Men

9. Somebody's gonna be late for work.

8. When life gives you yolks...now what?

7. The downside of being sweet...

6. "Get a BMW," they said.

5. Now you can take a good look!

4. Personality test: Are you more worried about the MacBook or the Nutella?

3. Can't get to work today...

2. Was he raised by cats?

1. "Play dead."

Are you having a good day today? We sure hope so! But if you happen to have any photos of some "can't believe this is happening" situations, feel free to share them in the comments below!

Preview photo credit RainbowFast/reddit


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