20 Pets That Radiate the Valentine’s Day Spirit

3 years ago

Pets are so loyal and loving that they basically make the perfect Valentine. Cats and dogs can be filled with a lot of love, both for each other and for the humans in their lives. Some pets out there can really show us how to get into the St. Valentine’s Day vibe.

Bright Side has collected some of the best photos of pets showing their love, to each other and to their human friends.

1. There’s always time for a little puppy love...

2. They’re cats... of course they go for seafood on date night.

3. Well that sure brought a smile to his face!

4. Somebody sure had a successful Valentine’s Day.

5. The Vikings thought cats were symbols of love. Now we know why...

6. When your dog falls in love with you:

7. Just shut up and kiss me!

8. Love makes you strong!

9. Just look at those smiles.

10. Some of us prefer our kisses to be wet and sloppy.

11. It’s always good to find a place to snuggle together.

12. Love’s first kiss can be a powerful thing.

13. Hugs always lead to smiles, just ask these 2 brothers.

14. Take all my money!

15. Care to share some love?

16. They must have practiced this.

17. Even puppies need their beauty sleep for Valentine’s Day.

18. All the puppies, for all the love.

19. There’s always time for snuggling.

20. Now, that’s what I call relationship goals.

Do you have any photos or stories of cats and dogs who would totally rule Valentine’s Day? Let us know!

Preview photo credit Unknown / Reddit, bukithd / Reddit


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