20 Pets Who Couldn’t Care Less About Their Owners’ Personal Space

5 years ago

If you have pets, you’ve probably noticed pretty often that they don’t show any respect for your privacy. When a dog or a cat wants your attention, they will get it no matter what, even if means peeping into your shower or laying right on your face.

Here at Bright Side we want to show you these affectionate pets whose love for their humans has no physical boundaries.

1. “What is this word ‘privacy’ you speak of?”

2. “If I fits, I sits.”

3. You’re gonna be my pillow, human.

4. “This is Hank’s normal. Just keeping my ear warm.”

5. Cuddling with your dog sometimes gets... a little invasive.

6. “I think she knows I have to be away for 2 days.”

7. This is what dog sitting looks like.

8. When you just wanted to read a book in a quiet place...

9. That’s just the right place for a parrot!

10. She’s studying. I’m helping. Got a problem with that?

11. Make yourself comfortable, please.

12. When a dog misses her daddy:

13. I’m limiting your screen time, lady!

14. “Where Piper likes to lay and watch TV.”

15. Good morning, mommy!

16. Lost behind the cats.

17. “Personal space? What personal space?”

18. “This is how the pup wants to sleep. ”

19. Hey, buddy! Are you comfortable there?

20. Well... This sums up living with pets.

Which of these cute intruders made you smile? Do your pets invade your personal space or respect it? Tell us in the comments!


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My dog does just the same as this dog from #8. Always wants my attention, always ready for cuddles
My big little friend :)


My parrot doesn't care about personal space as well. Can't care less, I would say.
Any time I go to take a bath he would try to knock the door to check if everything is fine with me! :)
He also can't let me eat anything sweet like ice cream or so, just flies right into it to take a bite


"The hooman is mine, so his space is also mine" every dog ever, am I right? :D


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