20 Pets Who Gave Their Humans One More Reason to Wake Up Every Morning

3 years ago

Studies have shown that pets make us happier and even healthier. No matter their personalities, they never fail to get us out of bed — and even make it exciting! And whether you have one or not, everyone deserves a moment to relish in the beauty of these animals that make life lovelier.

Bright Side handpicked some photos of pets that radiate happiness, love, and sassiness too. Enjoy!

1. “My pup has a happy button and it’s her nose.”

2. “One serious shot and one silly one!”

3. “Meet Franco. He stole my girlfriend but I can’t really be mad.”

4. “I like to put hats on my grandparents’ dog and she likes to wear them.”

5. “My coworker wanting to discuss his treat allowance”

6. “Our adopted 11-year-old cat and my 13-year-old daughter after she got back from a week at camp.”

7. “Woke up to find my boyfriend and our dog sound asleep like this.”

8. “My coworker at home”

9. “The shelter was clearing out and I needed a buddy. Meet my new foster, Vader!”

10. “The upstairs neighbors were so loud. We were startled together.”

11. “A happy boy enjoying the sunshine”

12. “My dog, Ghost is very suspicious about why I’m home on a workday.”

13. “Here’s a picture of my incredibly relaxed cat, Zac to help chill you out.”

14. “Thoughts and prayers for Miles — I’m 3 minutes late with his dinner.”

15. “A classic case of ’boyfriend was not a cat person’ — this was his first day with a cat.”

16. “Louis always falls asleep while he’s watching the fish...”

17. “The lord of the house is pleased that I can stay home and serve him all day.”

18. “I adopted 2 kittens today. I originally applied for one, but I was asked if I wanted to adopt the brothers together because the people adopting his brother backed out.”

19. “She kicked the phone out of my hands at exactly the right moment. 10/10 good girl!”

20. “I just love the way Pilsner looks at me. We’re best friends.”

Tell us your favorite memory with a pet even if it’s about someone else’s. Do you also have a pet that makes every day special? Show us your best photo of them. We’ll be going through the comments!

Preview photo credit mayaxs / Reddit


My youngest sister loves cat and she's so alike to number 15! I just can't get tired of seeing her so happy bc of her pets ?
Aw the little black cat enjoying the sunshine is just too adorable ?

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