20+ Pets Who Suddenly Decided, “You’re a Good Person and I’m Staying With You”

3 years ago

The decision to have a pet requires taking on responsibility. We study all sorts of sources about taking care and raising a pet and prepare ourselves mentally. But sometimes, things don’t go the way we planned, and the animals themselves choose us from thousands of other people, as if they’re saying, “Human, you’re mine.”

We at Bright Side read stories about how pets ditched all these stereotypes and chose our readers as their owners. After all, how could anyone resist them?

  • A couple of days before the New Year, I walked into my entrance hall, and he rushed to me loudly meowing. He was a domestic, grown-up, and incredibly beautiful ginger cat. I brought him some food and pieces of woolen cloth. Then I built a box for him and put it on my floor, and I bought a litter box. The cat agreed to everything and was happy about all of his new things. He didn’t demand anything. The whole time, I was waiting for someone to be looking for him. I hung up posters about a lost cat. I never planned to get a cat, especially an adult one. But no one was looking for him.

He lived with us for 17 years. He was the smartest and the most intelligent cat. It’s strange for me now to think that I didn’t grab him right away and drag him home, but left him outside the door for several days. © Anna Maryanova / facebook

  • dog came to us at our 5th-floor apartment, and when we opened the door, she entered the apartment as if she were at home. Of course, we let her in, what else could we do. A day later, she gave birth to puppies. Until now, I can’t figure out why she chose our apartment and not the one on the 1st floor. © Lida Katalkina / facebook

  • It turned out that my mom’s friend’s cat gave birth, and there was a very beautiful white kitten. So we went to see her. A kindle of cats ran to us, and a little ordinary striped girl ran the fastest and jumped into my open bag that was on the floor. And she refused to leave it. So she left with me. We’ve been together for almost 14 years. © Natali Kuzmina / facebook

  • A teenage kitten came up to my mother in her garden and began to meow loudly. We still don’t know where she came from. But she chose her place under the sun and has been living in my mother’s heart for 3 years. She’s got us all to herself. © Alla Vasilievna / facebook

  • Once, I was walking down the street and I saw a fluffy kitten sitting there. I petted him, and right from the get-go, he began to ask me to take him into my arms while purring loudly. It was difficult for me to even move away from him. An elderly woman stood next to me, and she said, “Do you like him? Take him with you.” This is how I got Nais, a smart and handsome guy. We’ve been together for a year. © Lyudmila Plavinskaya / facebook

  • It was winter, in a severe frost, in my early childhood. A cat was meowing pitifully and persistently outside, so my mom opened the door. An adult mother-cat was sitting on the threshold, and next to her, there was a newborn kitten, who squeaked softly. We let them in. But the cat asked to go outside and a minute later, she returned with another kitten. She repeated the process 3 more times. We put a blanket under the radiator and fed the completely exhausted and frozen mother. © Ina Kram / facebook

  • We brought our dog to a veterinary clinic, and there was a cage with a loud, screaming ginger kitten. The whole time we were in the reception area, the kitten was putting his paw through the bars of his cage and tapping me on the shoulder. The doctor said he was homeless — volunteers found him in a basement, and he had a sore paw. As a result, when the kitten was cured, we took him home. Now, only a dry “Ma!” can be heard from him. As my mother says, he screamed enough for his whole life when he was trying to get us to notice him. © Nataly G-va / facebook

  • An adult cat who lived near my house started hanging out with me many years ago. She would meet me and walk with me to the bus stop every morning. And then she began to “visit” my apartment, and one day, she just stayed forever. © ליאל אידל / facebook

  • A cat came to my boyfriend’s house (he’s is a dog lover), moved his Labradors, and lied between them. And she just stayed with them. She turned out to be pregnant, and my boyfriend himself helped her to deliver the babies. One kitten had to be brought back to life, and now this is his beloved girl. The rest of the babies live with his relatives and neighbors. © Elena Gilman / facebook

  • My cat also imposed herself on us (or took me for herself). For 2 days, she sat in my car in the yard, and on the third day, I decided to take her to our country house and brought the cat carrier out. She climbed inside the carrier herself and sat quietly all the way there. At the country house, she didn’t go anywhere. So she has been with us for 2 years. © Irina Skuratova / facebook

  • My current cat used to persistently come to my home, as if it were his own house. Sometimes, I’d return home, and he would be there, sleeping on the sofa as if nothing had happened — in the mornings, he’d manage to get inside unnoticed. And he behaved as if he had been my cat for his whole life. I had been taking him back outside the house for about a month. Finally, I accepted the situation, and now, he’s our cat. © Elena Furtatova / facebook

  • We were having dinner at our country house in the summer, and a cat with a kitten in her mouth jumped through the window, hid the kitten in the closet, and left. The kitten was very small, he had just opened his eyes. He stayed with us. © Svetlana Yu / facebook

  • My black miracle has been living with us for 12 years. He came to our apartment door at 12 p.m. and screamed wildly, demanding that we open it. I opened the door to see who was there, and he (who was the size of my palm at the time) ran into the house and headed to the kitchen, to the refrigerator. So he’s been living with us since this day. © Irina Frau Ishutina / facebook

  • A kitten came to us as well. Himself. From out of nowhere. At the time, we lived alone in an open field. The nearest house was about 0.3 miles from us. My husband, who was against cats in general, brought him in under his jacket. Now, we have a gorgeous and beloved cat named Barsik. © Zulfiya Izhanova / facebook

  • The doorbell rang when my mother-in-law was at home. She opened the door, but no one was there. So she kept on watching TV. Suddenly, she heard a strange sound, like “meow.” She thought it was her imagination. But it happened again, “Meow!” And suddenly, a fluffy miracle appeared in the middle of the room. She was 2.5 months old, as it turned out later. Creme brulée with vanilla color. This year, our adorable kitty will be living with us for 9 years. © Natalya Saburova / facebook

  • This cat of unearthly beauty jumped into my car. I named her Purroy. And before her, another cat also ran into my house a couple of years ago. © Yuliya Lazovik / facebook

  • And I took my favorite smartest black beauty, Naomi, from a cafe. I walked with a friend from the beach and went to a cafe. My friend saw a kitten sleeping on the windowsill. I took her in my arms, and she cried like a human... I immediately put the kitten in my beach bag and, with the words, “Now you will live with me,” I took her home. Naomi turned out to be the smartest cat. She has been living with me for 10 years, and I have never regretted my decision. © Lilia Tymoshenko / facebook

  • The cat came to us himself. And then he brought his wife and children — that’s how they all started living with us. © Ballis Dudaeva / facebook

  • My cat Monya had been living with us for 15 years. She was black, and she climbed into my friend’s lap as a kitten. It was 2 years since she had passed away when a black kitten climbed into my bag and fell asleep there when I was on vacation. I brought him home. He was sick, weak, and snotty. We’ve been together for a year. He’s become the most affectionate cat. Maybe, my Monya reincarnated into the same black cat? © Lilia Barnatovich / facebook

  • I said, “I’ll get a cat only if he comes to me and asks me himself.” Well, in fact, he came and began to yell at my door. © Olga Tsyplyaeva / facebook

  • I saw him in a crowd of people at the entrance to the subway. It was winter, raining, and cold outside with knee-deep mud. And he was there so clean and frightened, with his eyes sore. Without even thinking, I took him in my arms. He hugged me, and we went to the subway. But the subway employees didn’t want to let him in without a cat carrier, so I had to take off my jacket and wrap him in it. So we went home — he was warm and dry, and I was wet and cold. I never regretted even for a minute that I took him in. © Gunay Medzhidova / facebook

  • A dog came to my door. We opened it and saw a puppy. We thought he was with someone, but it was so cold in the entrance hall that it was impossible to leave him there. We let him in and started looking for his owners, but we couldn’t find them. So we kept the dog, she’s very beautiful and intelligent. © Irina Korotkova / facebook

  • Once, my husband and I opened the door, and a kitty, about 4 months old, entered our apartment. Without a moment of hesitation, she went to the kitchen to the trash can, took out a few potato peelings, grabbed a bite, and went to my husband. She climbed onto his leg in a cast and began to heal him. This is how our cat adopted us. © Marina Moiseeva / facebook

How did you get your pet?

Preview photo credit Natali Kuzmina / facebook


I have had cats all my life and all, I really mean all, just came home and decided that this is our house and I am their hooman! I recently lost my last cat... waiting for another one to adopt me! 😅

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