20 Photos That Explain the World Better Than a Textbook

3 years ago

There’s only a 1 in 750,000 chance of ever spotting an albino raccoon. The odds of finding 4 bees sleeping in a flower are even less, but some lucky people with really quick hands have managed to capture rare moments like these for the world to see.

Bright Side has put together a collection of photos that will definitely improve your knowledge of the world, better than a science textbook ever could.

1. Thousands of tiny droplets on a spider web

2. Caterpillar feet

3. A building’s reflection in shattered glass

4. A soap bubble

5. Honeybee Covered in Zucchini Pollen.

6. The beginning of a tornado

7. The inside of a red bell pepper

8. This is not a painting. I took a photo of my dog looking at me from underwater.

9. A sunrise through the raindrops on a car’s roof

10. Grains of pollen on the edge of a finger

11. A bridge in Iceland

12. A slug’s eye

13. Here’s what a duck born without most of its feathers looks like

14. Salt and pepper

15. Closeup of barbed wire

16. 4 bees taking a nap in the same flower

17. A chameleon’s body

18. A perfectly symmetrical aloe plant

19. An albino raccoon

20. The inside of a black carrot

Which item on our list surprised you the most? Which is the most interesting photo you’ve taken so far? Share it with us below!

Preview photo credit 0limpero / Reddit


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That honeybee looks like it has a birds beak! I always thought it looked like a straw instead


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