20 Photos That Give Away the Real Size of Objects Only by Comparison

3 years ago

Size is an abstract value until we start comparing one object to another. For example, Titanic was referred to as the “biggest passenger liner” that had ever set sail in the twentieth century. Today, we’ve built the cruise ship, which is 2 times larger and can accommodate 4 times more passengers than the Titanic. And while some things just appear to be created differently in size, others can evolve dramatically over time.

Bright Side has found some photos that will amaze you with impressive size comparisons.

1. This ship looks like a giant among the rest.

2. The snail has enormously increased in size in just a year.

3. This book is 16 times bigger than a man’s hand.

4. A big cat and a small cat

5. A triceratops bone (left) and an elephant bone (right) on a human scale

6. The moment when the biggest and smallest horses met

7. The normal-sized excavator can be easily placed inside the bucket of this large one.

8. A toy for scale so you can see how big the kitten has grown

9. Opo squash that grew taller than it usually does

10. The jaw of a great white set inside that of a megalodon

11. A tiny feather of a bird compared to a pencil

12. “I didn’t realize how tiny she was when I first got her.”

13. The size difference between my husband’s ring and mine

14. The smallest dictionary ever

15. There’s always the option to choose the size you prefer.

16. A tiny hamburger on the side

17. Meet Simba, one of the biggest breeds of dogs.

18. A parent-bus and its baby-bus

19. “Found some tiny dice. Here’s a normal-sized die for reference.”

20. The difference between the size of the largest aircraft in the world and that of other regular aircrafts

Size contrast can be really spectacular! We’d love to know what picture impressed you the most in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit alirezamahdav1 / reddit


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