20 Photos That Prove Everything Is Possible With Hard Work and a Pinch of Luck

3 years ago

Life wouldn’t have been so special if we didn’t have the chance to fight for our goals. People around the world who share their success can be our motivation and serve as a bright light that makes our day better. From empty dog shelters to battling depression to fighting against the odds to finish college, every step is special and worth feeling proud of.

We at Bright Side just can’t resist sharing people’s success stories and showing that by staying strong — along with just a little bit of luck — we can achieve great things.

1. For the first time in years, this animal shelter adopted out all 70+ dogs!

2. “At 16 I was told I wasn’t good at math. In 2 weeks I’ll start working on my master’s in space science and engineering.”

3. “35 years old and I accomplished a dream. Today was my first day teaching!”

4. “Larry has a hard time fitting in with his new brothers, but today he made all of us proud with his first catch, a leaf.”

5. “My 16-year-old best friend fought cancer for 6 months and she finally won the battle!”

6. “This is me when I ran 10K midway through chemo. I thought it would destroy me...now I think nothing can stop me!”

7. “I showed her at the state fair a year ago for school. I saved up so I could buy her, and now she’s in her forever home!”

8. “After 3 miscarriages in 6 months and not knowing if I’d ever get to be a dad, my twins turned 1 today.”

9. “4 years ago, I almost gave up. Today, I share my story to help people understand that my journey was life-saving.”

10. “After an awful year, I finally finished my Masters, passed my CPA exams. So I celebrate with my two favorite people.”

11. “After 21.5 months, I finally completed my 40,320-piece puzzle!”

12. “Fought depression for 6 years — now seeing my therapy dog and my newly born first child is total happiness.”

13. “Took me an afternoon but I managed to pick up 5 bags of trash from the roadside where I live!”

14. “I won a dance competition and $1,000! I didn’t know there was a cash prize so here’s me, crying my eyes out.”

15. “My 6-year-old shouldn’t be able to walk or talk due to her condition and she can. But look at what else Sam can do!!”

The note says: “Sam”

16. “I finally cleaned out my depression nest of a garage after weeks of hard work. I parked my car for the first time in a year.”

17. “I made it! After years of depression and anxiety, I won! I enrolled in school today to become an occupational therapist.”

18. “After about a year and a half of hard work, my girlfriend is finally publishing her first children’s book.”

19. “I spent 6 hours trying to save this kitty who kept hiding in 7 different cars. But it’s all thanks to the help of 10 people.”

20. “I’ve been fighting cancer for 9 months and I’m finally in remission. Those are tears of happiness and relief!”

What story can you share with us? How did you stay strong to achieve your goal?


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Never take what others say about your dreams too hard, if you really believe in yourself then give it a shot because you will maybe regret not doing it in the future!


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