20 Photos That Show Daily Life Consists of Both Drama and Humor

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Exciting circumstances can create the craziest memories, but it’s especially awesome when it’s mixed with a little irony or humor. In this case, emotions are doubled, and your day is no longer considered routine.

We at Bright Side are always on the hunt for funny memories, and we’re sharing 20 pics that can make your day.

1. “These folks pretending to ride a motorcycle”

2. “I left for work for a week and came home to my girlfriend’s new purchase. I’m 36 and she’s 45.”

“I hadn’t realized we reached that peak age where we needed to sit in the shower.”

3. “Mom told me the rooster was after her today. Had to check the security camera to verify.”

4. “I found it in a truck stop bathroom. I’m sure this dude has some stories to tell.”

5. “I heard something going on in the kitchen, then I heard screams. Walked in and saw this. A goat was stuck in my trash can.”

6. “I found this statue ’appeeling.’”

7. “Humidity in Sydney these days...”

8. Just nothing weird...

9. “This toothbrush”

10. “I started work this morning, put my headset on, felt something furry in my ear, looked over, and found a bat in my headset.”

11. “How I found my kitten trying to steal her big sister’s food from the top of the fridge”

12. “I saw her just taking a nap in the grocery store parking lot.”

13. “I went over to my mother’s this morning to help her do some yard work. This was the wheelbarrow she just bought.”

14. “How to follow the signs while riding an elevator”

15. There is always a solution.

16. “I looked over and saw my new puppy sitting like this just watching me.”

17. “I walked back to my car and saw this.”

18. “2 coworkers and I realized we were wearing the same coat. The only option was to zip them into one 3-person coat.”

19. “We went to the beach to find shark teeth, so when my daughter yelled ‘I found teeth!’ this was the last thing I was expecting.”

20. “My local independent coffee shop uses a Starbucks mug for its toilet brush holder.”

Which picture did you like the most? What made you smile today?


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