20+ Photos That Show How Close We Are With Our Pets

4 years ago

Nobody that has ever lived with a pet would ever call it just a dog, just a cat, or just a parrot. The animals we adopt become a part of our families and sometimes, they’re the only members in them! Pets give us so much warmth and love and can listen to us and support us when we need it.

Bright Side is sure that a home with a furry, fluffy wonder in it becomes cozy automatically! And it provides us with our closest and most loyal friends.

“My cat watching TV with my mom”

“My bird and me — she turned 18 this year. I’ve had her since highschool. She’s my everything.”

“This is Herbert. He saw the chance to jump on the recliner and took it.”

A story of love and betrayal: when your dog has more rights than anyone in your house!

Snuggles and purrs to end a long day

“Her name is Dodgers. She’s 11 or 12 and has been with me through my MA, Ph.D., and a divorce.”

“My father-in-law invites himself over just so he can get Coco time.”

“Best friends since 1999”

“She still thinks she’s small. Birdie perched on papa’s lap.”

“Our kitty is part of the family and holds hands with us.”

“You will not keep me from my baby!”

A friend at every mile

“No matter where I go, Geoff always wants to snuggle.”

“I can no longer feel my left arm but it’s 100% worth every cuddle.”

“My grandad and his kitten watching rugby together”

“My brother adopted his first dog. She is all he talks about.”

“We adopted a senior dog named Mikey yesterday and I think it’s safe to say his first trip to Grandma’s went well.”

“Holmes isn’t a great typist so he has to ask my sister to google bird videos for him.”

This doggie loves to be held like a baby!

“Hogan is 14 and long wagon rides are his favorite.”

“After being apart for 5 days, he can’t take his eyes off me. This was only the second time and longest time we’ve been apart in our 8 years together. Man, I missed my baby.”

How close are you with your pets? How important are pets in your family?

Preview photo credit hanamihoshi / Reddit


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I can't have pet. My mom's thoughts: rabbit (too hairy and too many baby makers), cat (their paws and heirs are dangerous), birds (too noisy), dog (never even think of this!). Of course, she loves animals and she won't ever do anything to harm them, but she just doesn't like them in the house.


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