20 Pics of People Who Took Tanning Too Far and Were “Truly Marked”

2 years ago

Being able to show off an enviable tan is one of the greatest motivations when we go to the beach. Being able to wear clothes with a golden hue on our skin adds a very satisfying touch to our appearance. But problems arise when we miscalculate the sun’s impact and the protection we use, and our dream tan can go from fabulous to embarrassing in a matter of hours.

Bright Side has compiled several photos of users who went a little too far under the sun and had no choice but to laugh at the result.

1. “The tan lines on my feet”

2. “My arm after cutting roof tiles for a couple hours”

3. “I need to work on my tan lines. 😂🙈”

4. “Anyone else has their Apple Watch tan line yet?”

5. When you fall asleep on the beach and you’re wearing flip-flops:

6. “Our tan lines after cycling across the United States”

7. “Forgot to put sunscreen on before I hopped on the motorcycle, and as a result, I have this sweet new tan line.”

8. “Yeah, you’re totally jealous of my tan-then-white-then-burn-then-really-white lines. Admit it.”

9. “Tan lines are sexy, right?”

10. “My tan line from wearing gloves at work (as a laborer on a trash truck)”

11. “I guess sunscreen would have been the better option...”

12. “Y’all are talking about tan lines? I was out training for a triathlon wearing cycling gloves.”

13. “Gotta love these tan lines, am I right?”

14. “Working at an outdoor vaccine clinic. Didn’t think about sunscreen. Now I have a mask-shaped sunburn, but only on half my face.”

15. “Who else has some crazy tan lines? 😂”

16. “I wear my ring so much, I got a tan line from it.”

17. “Hoping you can point me in the right direction... 38 years old and have a tan line that hasn’t faded in over 24 months! Weirdly, it’s not from wearing a hat. Not sure what to do.”

18. “Roman tan lines”

19. “Musician’s tan”

20. “So you thought the roofer’s hand tan was bad...”

What has been the most uncomfortable encounter you’ve had with the sun, and how long did it take you to regain your original skin tone?


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In most the asian countries people are attracted to fair skin,hence most of them do not like tan


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