20 Pics That Prove Children Live in a Completely Different World

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3 years ago

It can be nice to see how children learn to explore the world, experience new sensations, and use every day as a new opportunity to make new discoveries. However, this constant learning sometimes makes us wonder how their logic actually works, while at other times, we can’t help but be touched by their ingenuity.

Bright Side made a compilation of pictures that prove that, while kids live on the same physical planet as us, their way of thinking might very well come from a galaxy far, far away.

1. “Paper clips are hard...”

2. “This is our 4-year-old niece’s hiding place. My wife, on the left, is the seeker...”

3. “The way my brother likes to watch YouTube”

4. “18 years ago, I got into the butter.”

5. “My daughter was furious that we wouldn’t let her keep a handful of coins in her mouth.”

6. “My daughter helped finish my wife’s drawing today.”

7. “My mom gave my daughter 2 $1 bills. She took them upstairs and ’made more money.’”

8. “My kid won’t eat her eggs because they have ’dark spots.’ Yeah, that’s the fork.”

9. “Was unable to convince my worried son that this was not a mini-beehive filled with mini-bees.”

10. “My wife blew a raspberry at our son. He either hated it or absolutely loved it.”

11. “No toddler nap today. Reason? ’The elephant hiding in the closet.’”

12. “My toddler found a white ink pad and immediately turned into Saruman.”

13. “5-year-old niece wants a bunny, so she made this trap on the driveway.”

14. “Why is she upset? Because she can’t have the corn oil that she is convinced is apple juice.”

15. “She won’t talk to anyone because the person on the phone hung up on her.”

16. “My daughter made me a ’snowglobe.’ It’s scraps of cloth floating in a jar of water.”

17. “My kid took a bite out of the pie and filled the hole with potatoes to hide the evidence.”

18. “My beautiful son is killing it at hide and seek. Like a little speed bump at the top of the stairs, ready to take you out!”

19. “I see the moon!”

20. “Didn’t know I was raising a mountain climber.”

Have you ever captured incredible childhood logic in pictures? What things do you remember doing in childhood that now seem to make no sense at all?

Preview photo credit SleepyGary5 / reddit


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