15 Photos of Celebrity Women That Reminded Us of Their Natural Hair Color

10 months ago

From Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez to Ariana Grande and Olivia Wilde, many celebrities have signature hairstyles that make their looks bright and recognizable. Some of these famous women maintain their images so consistently that we might even forget what their natural hair looks like. But this is not a problem — we can always flip through older photos and videos featuring our favorite celebs and see their natural locks.

We at Bright Side created 15 photo collages that show the signature hairstyles of our favorite celebs on the left and their natural hair color (or the one that’s very close to it) on the right. And we wonder if you remember all these gorgeous ladies rocking their natural hair.

After years of seeing her with blonde locks, we almost forgot Jennifer Aniston is a natural brunette.

We often see Ariana Grande with brown hair, but her natural color appears to be way darker.

Blonde and slightly wavy is the hairstyle many of us may associate with Celine Dion, but her natural hair is dark brown and curly.

We’ve often seen Rachel McAdams wearing various shades of blonde, but she’s a natural brunette.

Anna Paquin has had blonde hair for many years now, but if we look through her older photos we can see her natural chocolate brown hair.

Dazzling blonde is the go-to hair color for Scarlett Johansson, but her natural hair is a bit darker.

Hair in hot shades of red has become part of Emma Stone’s signature look, but you may be surprised to learn that she is actually a blonde.

Platinum blonde is the hair color Nicole Kidman has been wearing for many years now, but we remember her natural red curls quite well.

We’ve seen Jennifer Lopez as both a blonde and a brunette, but her older photos reveal her natural hair which is dark brown.

Tyra Banks loves hair experiments, and through the years we’ve seen her blonde, brunette, with thick curls, soft waves, and straight hair. Tyra’s natural hair is dark brown and curly.

Turns out, Sophie Turner, who loves rocking her red hair, is actually a blonde.

Beyoncé has been loyal to her hot blonde and honey highlights for many years, but her older pictures show her naturally dark brown hair.

Honey-blonde soft waves have become her signature hair style, but if we look at the older photos of Mariah Carey, we see her natural brown curls.

We were surprised to learn that Olivia Wilde is actually a natural blonde.

Angelina Jolie rocks all hues of dark hair most of the time, but it looks like dark blonde is her natural color.

Do you like the natural or signature hair colors of these celebrities? Why?

Angelina Jolie’s style lessons, characterized by her preference for nude pumps, black, white, and pastel clothes, and minimalist jewelry, have been a source of inspiration for many.


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I like them way more with their iconic hairstyles than with natural hair


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