13 Tricks from Princess Diana That Many Modern Celebrities Still Use

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2 years ago

The looks that Diana was wearing in the ’80s and ’90s are still alive and well today. Though time has changed many things, some of the tricks that the Princess of Wales used still appear in the wardrobes of today’s celebrities.

We at Bright Side have looked through many photos with Princess Diana, then compared her looks with the outfits of today’s celebrities and realized that the queen of people’s hearts is still setting trends in the world of fashion.


Pearl jewelry is widely used even today. For instance, Jennifer Lawrence appeared wearing a variation of this accessory in 2019 at the Dior show during Paris Fashion Week. Jessica Chastain, in her turn, donned a strand of pearls at a charity event for amfAR in 2017. Princess Diana showed off her necklace back in 1997 when she arrived at the Swan Lake ballet.

Red and purple

Princess Diana boasted the bright combination of red and purple in one look in 1989. Meghan Markle repeated this famous color combination in 2019.


Many of us prefer the comfortable sweatshirts that Lady Di was actively wearing back in the day. Today it’s Hailey Bieber who can be called a big fan of this item of clothing. Fans can see her wearing this element of her wardrobe in everyday life. Irina Shayk has also appeared donning sweatshirts on her promenades.

Red coat

Princess Diana showed her long red coat combined with a black bag in 1996 when she donned them after her workout, which explains the presence of white sneakers and high socks in her look. Kate Middleton donned a similar coat at the end of 2020 during her short trip around Great Britain.

Leopard swimsuit

Lady Di wore a stunning leopard print swimsuit long before this element became extremely popular among fashionistas in the 2000s. However, we can see that celebs have continued wearing similar bright outfits even today. For example, Kendall Jenner wore one on a yacht in 2017. While Salma Hayek appeared on the beach wearing one in 2019.

Colorful tights

A monochrome outfit, which consists of a dress, shoes, and tights in the same color, could be seen on Princess Diana in 1992 at a Paul McCartney concert. Bella Hadid donned a similar look in 2021 at the Versace runway show.

White mini dress

A white mini dress has taken its place in the wardrobes of many fashionistas since the days of Princess Diana. Paparazzi captured her wearing it in 1995. Dakota Fanning appeared wearing a similar dress on the red carpet in 2018.

Blue suit

Though blue suits from Chanel have been around for a long time ago, they are still popular among celebrities. Thus, Kristen Stewart appeared wearing a similar outfit at the Cannes Festival in 2018. However, she preferred pants and a more carefree silhouette in general.

Open back

A triangle cut on the back also did not get left in the ’80s. For example, Emily Blunt opted for a similar dress in 2015 at the 68th Cannes Film Festival. Lady Di could be seen wearing this outfit at the premiere of the movie A View to a Kill in 1985.

One-shoulder dress

The fitted silhouette, “shiny” texture of the dress, and a bare shoulder — this combination remains relevant even 30 years after Diana appeared in this dress at the premiere of a James Bond movie. Anne Hathaway showed off a similar look at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, while Renee Zellweger could be seen donning this dress at the Oscar ceremony in 2020.


Clothing with dark stripes can be seen on today’s celebrities. While Diana gave preference to a striped outfit with a simple cut combined with a white hat and big earrings, Lady Gaga decided to go for a more extravagant variant and enhanced it with black accessories. Kourtney Kardashian, in her turn, opted for a striped dress with a cut that looks similar to the one the Princess of Wales donned.

Flowing dress

Lady Di put on a flowing blue dress in 1987 on the red carpet of the 40th Cannes Film Festival. 30 years later, this airy look was repeated by Elle Fanning when she appeared wearing a similar outfit at the Met Gala.

Open shoulders

Princess Diana showed off an elegant look with open shoulders and a necklace with a big gem in 1985 at a dinner at the White House. Blake Lively repeated it 35 years later at the premiere of the movie Rhythm Section where she played the main role. Angelina Jolie appeared in a similar dress at the BAFTA awards ceremony in 2018.

What trendy tricks have you borrowed from Lady Di?


I'm pretty sure that she wasn't the one who invented those trends. pretty sure many women before wore those pearls and coats and dresses

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