20 Pics That Prove Unexpected Adventures May Be Waiting for You Just Around the Corner

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It’s easy for people to get used to their surroundings, so much so that they may believe there is no room for surprise in life anymore. But actually, it’s exactly in those moments when your brain focuses on how strange regular life can be. And then, thanks to that reaction, you’re able to break from normality and find true beauty.

Bright Side compiled several pictures of users who captured those situations or objects that demand all the attention because of their uniqueness and beauty.

1. “Cardboard rings for this 6-pack instead of the plastic ones”

2. “My treadmill kicked all the dirt from my shoes into a ’heavy’ and a ’light’ pile.”

3. “Came across a dual-colored tulip today.”

4. “Garage door on the corner of the building”

5. “Came upon a stained-glass window hanging in a forest in Belgium.”

6. “Drive-through speaker broke, so they taped a baby monitor to it.”

7. “Hole in concrete looks like a frog.”

8. “Found a corner piano at the piano store today.”

9. “Someone brought their cow to see the Easter bunny.”

10. “Eggs dyed in onion skins and purple cabbage”

11. “The vacation house we rented has a toaster built into the wall.”

12. “Discovered that my tooth implant doesn’t glow like the rest of my teeth under black light. Regular photo for comparison.”

13. “Hole in the wall of the shower to throw away empty shampoo bottles. Seen in the wash house of a campsite.”

14. “The drain from this bubbler goes down to fill the dogs’ water bowl.”

15. “Tiles for matching up the color of the water on the Santa Cruz pier”

16. “My salsa jar lid kind of looks like a map of the world.”

17. “Moldy orange that looks like a planet”

18. “My parents’ toilet phone for urgent toilet-related calls”

19. “Thumbs-up burn on an up thumb”

20. “Fresh wolf print I came across while lost in Denali, Alaska”

What have you seen lately that surprised you because it was unexpected? Leave your answer in the comments.


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