20+ Pics That Seem Ordinary Only for the First Few Seconds

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Based on that, some photos are worth two thousand words each because we need to look at them twice to really understand what’s going on in them. Today, we put together a number of photos that will make your brain work overtime to figure out their real meanings.

1. “I met Keanu Reeves while riding today.”

2. “My baby girl is 2 weeks old today, that hair!”

3. “My wife and I made a picture out of 8,240 pennies.”

4. “I lost my puppy on the bed...”

5. “My mom texted me this picture saying she ‘caught’ my cat doing this. We’ve never seen her do this before.”

6. “This giant Pez dispenser my mom has that shoots out entire packs of Pez instead of individual pieces”

7. “Almost accidentally sat on my dog today.”

8. “This restaurant included ’fire’ in the bill.”

9. “This vending machine melting under the rural sun”

10. “My hair had 15 split ends.”

11. “This men’s toilet has a headrest.”

12. “This bread sponge my mother gave me”

13. “Ice formed in the shape of a person after a winter storm.”

14. “Our cleaning company for work sent us chocolates with pictures of cleaning equipment for Christmas.”

15. “My kiwi was seedless.”

16. “Someone transporting a velociraptor”

17. This guy’s foot looks like it’s broken.

18. “A friendly parrot landed on my book as I was trying to identify it!”

19. “The reflection of the lamp gave my sunglasses ’googly eyes.’”

20. “I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t put my shoes on. It’s because my 6-year-old pulled a great prank.”

21. “My dog and I have the same size foot.”

22. “This building I’m in has chairs and desks mounted on the wall.”

23. “I can lift my ring finger.”

24. “My hand after swimming today.”

Would bumping into a celebrity like Keanu Reeves make your day? Share with us below in the comments the name of the star you would absolutely love to happen upon one day.


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so who else turned their phone to see what the wall with desks looked like?


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