20 Pics That Will Make You Scream, “No Way!”

3 years ago

You’d be surprised by how many times nature can leave you speechless. From surreal creatures to events that seem like pure coincidences, you wouldn’t believe your eyes. Sometimes you may think it’s all fake, but some creatures truly exist, like a giant devil’s flower mantis.

We at Bright Side are simply astonished by this world, which is why we selected the finest images that will make you scream out, “No way!”

1. One of the coolest Starbucks locations in the world

2. This earthstar fungus seems like a real-life Demogorgon.

3. The different colors of the flames on this cake are a crazy thing!

4. Purple grasshoppers do exist, but they’re extremely rare!

5. The floor of the Hawaiian BBQ place is the ocean washing up onto the beach.

6. Horses running as wild as your imagination

7. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zeland are a true daydream.

8. This devil tree is ready to conquer the forest...

9. A pretty snakey piece of driftwood

10. Mrs. Batfish is going to give you a red kiss!

11. The lake in British Columbia is also called “spotted lake.”

12. This leaf stenciled itself perfectly into a road stripe.

13. This is a devil’s giant flower mantis and it’s for real!

14. It seems like clouds want to take naps too sometimes.

15. This chicken is so ready to spread the love!

16. This is called “lunar corona” and it’s for real.

17. A bicolor sunflower to brighten your day!

18. The dots on this cutie’s nose are unreal!

19. This guy created insanely precise shapes with coffee and milk!

20. You know, in the end, music is hidden everywhere.

Have you already had the chance to see some of these beauties? Would you add something else to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit starbucks.com


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