20 powerful quotes from Nick Vujicic to give you a new thirst for life

2 years ago

Nick Vujicic was born with a rare disorder: he has no arms and no legs. Yet has tried hard, and learnt to be happy despite everything. And he made it. Today, Nick spends a lot of his time sharing his courage with others.

We selected a few powerful quotations on self-belief from Nick’s book, Life Without Limits. They can help literally anyone find courage, give them hope, and fill their hearts with self-confidence to achieve their dreams.

  1. If you need a friend, become someone else’s. If you don’t have hope, give hope to others.
  2. If no one opens, knock on several doors at once.
  3. We all can find something bad or imperfect in each other. But I prefer to look for grains of gold.
  4. Act in a such a way as to guarantee that your own actions inspire and empower you.
  5. We shouldn’t wait for happiness to simply appear as soon as we reach a certain goal or acquire a desired object. Happiness should surround us all the time. And it will, if you live in mental, psychological, emotional and physical harmony.
  6. You have to understand that sometimes it is impossible to receive the answers you’re looking for right away.
  7. If you’re not ready to accept yourself, then you’re even less ready to accept other people.
  8. There are many problems in the world that haven’t affected me. I’m certain that my life is a thousand times easier than that of many other people.
  9. I learned very early that asking for help is possible and necessary. No matter whether your body is ordinary or not, there are things that you cannot overcome alone.
  10. One way to determine the balance that works for you is to look toward the end of your life and then live so that you will have no regrets when you arrive there.
  1. Love does not care about what you can or cannot do, who you are and who you cannot be. True love looks straight into your heart!
  2. When faced with any difficulty, try to find the pure joy that’s contained there.
  3. Think of your attitude towards the world as something similar to a remote control. If you do not like the program you are watching, you just grab the remote and switch the TV to another program. So it is with your attitude towards life: when you aren’t satisfied with the results, change your approach — regardless of what problem you are facing.
  4. Those who think of themselves as losers are the ones who don’t understand how close to success they were when they gave up.
  5. Attaining the perfect appearance doesn’t mean anything if your soul is broken.
  6. You do not have to dream up ambitious projects in order to sow good seeds. Even small things can mean a lot to someone.
  7. One of the greatest joys in this life is the feeling you get when you realise you’re a part of something larger than your own life and personal experiences.
  8. In a stressful situation, when you feel it’s impossible to summon new strength, it is important to separate what has happened to you and what is going on inside you.
  9. Life can be good, if we decide that it is.
  10. Another day — another opportunity!

Photo credit: healthylivingmagazine


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