20 Rare Things Most People Get to See Only Once in a Lifetime

3 years ago

We rarely experience bursting emotions in everyday life. But we’re sure that each of us would gasp if we came across the things mentioned in this article, be it a huge ice leaf that looks like a sculpture created by nature, or a whole city built around a giant hole in the ground.

At Bright Side, we believe that the ability to admire rare phenomena helps us channel our inner child and see the world with our eyes wide open. And here’s yet another reason to experience this feeling again.

1. A perfectly preserved ice from a leaf

2. This is how a rare giraffe with skeletal dysplasia looks — it’s only 9 feet tall while a normal giraffe is 15 feet tall, on average.

3. Let us show you the picturesque Bozouls Hole. It’s a gorge that’s 1,300 feet wide and 330 feet deep.

4. The underwater statue, Ocean Atlas, near the Bahamas

5. The meteorite in the sunlight

6. This dragonfly imprint on limestone is 150 million years old.

7. Regular-sized apples grow on a small bonsai apple tree.

8. This butterfly is a gynandromorph. The left part of its body is female, and the right one is male.

9. The last bit of summer left in this leaf

10. The mushroom of a very unusual color — it’s the indigo milk cap.

11. Chickens like this do exist.

12. The desert rose is a rose-like formation of crystal clusters of gypsum that can be found in the Sahara Desert.

13. There is a crater on Mars that is called the “happy face crater” because it looks like a happy smile.

14. This is the first sunrise in Murmansk, Russia after the polar night. The sun didn’t appear in the sky for 40 days.

15. Caddisflies’ larvae protect their developing bodies by manufacturing shea­ths spun from silk and debris found on a pond’s bottom. The French artist, Hubert Duprat, placed them in aquaria with gold, pearls, and gems. Here’s the result.

16. A tree growing on a tree

17. “I came to my mother and saw this outside the window.”

18. This “space dumpling” is Pan, otherwise known as Saturn’s moon.

19. This is the same horse with a gap of 5 years. Some horses are born black but turn gray, slowly.

20. The sand on the beach of Hormuz Island in Iran glitters.

Have you seen any other rare phenomena? Share your experience in the comments below.


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Wow, thanks to Brightside I got to see all of these, and I don't think I would have seen any without them!


19 Is not only special because it went from Dark to White but also because of how huge it is!


All of these are amazing... absolutely love number 17, on my bucket list to see the Northern Lights 🌌... love the horse too... it is larger than most horses 🐎 even if placed next to a small lady, looks very much like a Shire horse but don't think it is (not that up on horses!) I have met a couple of Shire horses, I am quite tall and still felt quite intimidated and scared standing next to them... they are huge!!!


Yes in my state South Australia there's a country town called Mt. Gambia and there's a lake there called The Blue Lake and it's natural colour is litterally properly dark blue


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