20+ Ridiculous Coincidences That Seems Fake But Are Totally True

5 months ago

Sometimes, weird things happen to people, and those can be confusing. When we notice little details and connections happening around us, it might make us think the universe is trying to tell us something. But is it really a secret message, or just a coincidence that people managed to capture?

1. Why does Venice look like Patrick?

2. ’’I met my doppelgänger at a festival.’’

3. ’’Gifted a Bonsai tree, found an egg near the trunk. And this little one hatched from it today.’’

4. ’’I was taking photos of seagulls on autofocus just hoping for some clear action shots.’’

5. ’’My friend’s grandma looked like John Travolta.’’

6. ’’My mother and my wife’s mother both had photos taken on the same pony over 70 years ago in Montreal.’’

7. ’’My cat’s mittens perfectly line up with the top of the fridge.’’

8. ’’A leaf fell in front of my phone the second it took a timed photo.’’

9. ’’The view of street from my work’’

10. ’’For our anniversary, my boyfriend and I got each other the same gifts in opposite colors.’’

11. ’’The house my sister is looking at buying has a picture I painted when I was in high school for a history project.’’

12. ’’I took a picture at the exact same moment someone else had their flash on and it split the couple in half.’’

13. ’’I caught a mouse by closing my air vent and then released it.’’

14. ’’My camera caught the exact moment these birds met in mid-air.’’

15. ’’My Uber driver’s hair formed a perfect 25.’’

16. ’’This rock I found looks like a miniature moon."

17. This log looks like a fish.

18. “The most philosophical lemon I’ve ever seen on my tree. I was a bit spooked when I first saw it with an eye and a mouth this morning.”

19. ’’My brother just happened to be wearing the same outfit as the gift I gave him.’’

20. This log looks like a monkey.

21. ’’Is that me?’’

They say hitting the jackpot with one perfect shot among a thousand photos is a stroke of luck. Well, the photographers in our article defied the odds, nailing their ideal shots on the very first attempt.


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