20 “Same Age” Photos of Hollywood Stars From the Old and New Generations

3 years ago

Even though scientists insist that modern kids do not, in fact, grow up faster, and adolescence is prolonged from 19 well into the 20s, we still sometimes wonder if people from the younger generation somehow grow up faster than in the past.

We at Bright Side decided to see if it’s true and compared photos of teen celebrities from different generations. Spoiler alert: the results are far from decisive.

Reese Witherspoon and Millie Bobby Brown, 15 years old

Kaley Cuoco and Elle Fanning, 18 years old

Hilary Duff and Maddie Ziegler, 17 years old

Leonardo DiCaprio and Shawn Mendes, 16 years old

Claire Danes and Zendaya, 18 years old

Lindsay Lohan and Sadie Sink, 17 years old

Liv Tyler and Florence Pugh, 18 years old

Zac Efron and Louis Partridge, 17 years old

Winona Ryder and Maisie Williams, 18 years old

Ashley Olsen and Billie Eilish, 18 years old

Which comparison surprised you the most? Would you like to include any other celebrities on this list? Please, share your ideas in the comments!


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