20 Seriously Creative Things to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

2 years ago

At Bright Side, we love discovering new creative gadgets and items for the home. We love them even more when it turns out that they’re genuinely useful.

The following 20 things are guaranteed to brighten up any kitchen, as well as make it a whole lot easier to get things done when you’re cooking. We can’t wait to get our hands on all of them!

Expressive bowls and cups

The submergible spice container

The food savers

The container for storing spaghetti

The clip-on strainer

This vegetable slicer

These silicone oven gloves

This snack bowl

This thing to measure the correct portion of spaghetti

This set of kitchen utensils

This thing for brewing a cup of tea

This really cool cheese knife

This set of chopping boards

These funny salad tongs

This attractive lid support

This thing for separating yolk from egg white

These spice containers

This oven glove/table mat combo for hot pots and pans

The vegetable ’sharpener’

This set for decorating food

The sushi-maker

Preview photo credit amazon, thegrommet


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