20+ Shameless Cats Whose Owners Could Use a Chill Pill

4 years ago

On average, cats sleep 15 hours per day. The rest of the time, they’re thinking about what to eat — some sour cream, a piece of meat, or a spider that they saw on the balcony. Of course, these fluffy guys don’t forget to spend some of the night running around like crazy. They also plan to do new and unexpected things.

We at Bright Side know that it’s impossible to hold a grudge against these cuties, so we’re sharing the bad things they did because they’re absolutely amazing!

“The airport security service checked us very carefully. They found our cat in our carry-on luggage. It’s good that our friends agreed to pick her up or we wouldn’t have gotten on the plane.”

“My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today he came back with a little snack.”

Humans need orders. Otherwise, they can’t work properly.

“Yes, I’m comfortable, thank you.”

“Your face when your owner finds all the treasure you hid under the couch”

“Bob the kitten did not approve of the cactus.”

“I’m glad I can find a way to comfort those who need it...even in these situations.”

“It’s always tastier this way.”

“I think the new shelter cat we adopted is warming up to us.”

“Dogs were whining at their food bin because they caught our new cat helping himself. Absolutely shameless!”

The 3 inevitable moods of cats

“Left him alone for 5 minutes...”

Don’t scare the cat or you’ll never find these pieces again.

“When you saw your owner’s dream”

“We’re painting the kids’ rooms this morning. This happened because — of course, it did.”

“This is supposed to be her cat. And I can’t even play Xbox without her now!”

“I don’t even know how he got up there.”

“Yea, about that antenna...”

“She likes to ’paint’ with water from her bowl.”

“This was too easy.”

“When your mom turns her back and you steal the leftover corn muffins from dinner...”

Sometimes, you’re just taking a shower and then you see this...

What evil things have your pets done? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Cats can be so amazing but also so annoying, luckily they are the right mixture of both!


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