20+ Surprises That Left Even the Most Patient Parents Unprepared

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4 years ago

Parents are the real superheroes with their nerves of steel. How do they manage to keep track of their children if the kids are constantly trying to come up with new ideas that make adults’ hair stand on end? Some children enjoy covering themselves in rice, others lose a lollipop in their own hair, just like the boy at the end of the article.

Bright Side hopes that these children’s pranks will only bring you laughter and won’t harm anyone.

1. “My sister just had a baby and she brought her home today. My other niece was so mad that she packed up all her things and tried to leave.”

2. “My nephew is running away from home.”

3. “I’ve been looking for my keys since 9 p.m. I turned the whole house upside down and Ju Ju helped me to look for them, knowing that she left them in her mini-car.”

4. “She got mad that she wasn’t born before me, even though I’m 17 and she’s 4.”

5. “They have been standing like this for 5 minutes to see which one of them is more dominant.”

6. “I told my daughter she was too big for the baby walker. She didn’t listen to me.”

7. Who needs a bed if you already have a box?

8. “My 5-year-old niece wants a bunny, so she made this trap in the driveway.”

9. Well, that’s better than being constantly asked: “Are we there yet?”

10. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is my little sister.”

11. “I caught my niece eating frozen pizza rolls.”

12. “My daughter couldn’t get her phone charger out of the wall after washing her hands. So she decided to use this metal tool. Thankfully, she is okay.”

13. “My 3-year-old son thinks that this sign prohibits throwing balls at the ducks. Maybe he’s on to something.”

14. She probably knows a secret way to use rice that we’ve never heard of.

15. “This is the perfect spot for a nap.”

16. “My little sister wondered why her screen didn’t work.”

17. “My daughter was trying to hide when she was supposed to be in bed.”

18. “He made this Mr. Potato Head himself. Then he got scared, started to cry, and couldn’t look at it.”

19. “My kid insisted on putting a Band-aid on after losing a tooth.”

20. Well, at least they’re painting his back and not the wall.

21. “She had toothpaste in her mouth but she refuses to swallow it or to spit it out.”

22. She told me: “Daddy, let’s play hide and seek.”

23. “Mom asked him to add the eggs.”

Bonus: “Where did I put my lollypop?”

What unspeakable things have your kids done?

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So cute that he's worried about who is gonna feed the cat! And man I would be so mad if my kid used my car keys in their toy car ?


Let's be real here.. you're childhood was terrible if you didn't try to hide like the kids in this article


OMG what a little thing the #1!!!!! She was so upset because she thought she was changed for someone else ??


Haha when I was younger I used to take my dad's keys and hide them so he couldn't leave... he was always late for work haha


In 22, the child might be thinking, "if I don't see you, you don't see me!" XD


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