18 Things From the ’90s That’ll Baffle Today’s Teens

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Kids of the ’90s, we are now adults, but we remember feeding our Tamagotchis like it was yesterday. We burned our favorite songs onto CD’s and made our own musical hit compilations that we gladly shared with each other. We beaded friendship bracelets, sewed new clothes for our Barbies, and got headaches while staring into Magic Eye books.

Here at Bright Side we’ve selected the most nostalgic things from the ’90s to remind you of how childhood looked like before the gadget era.

Forgetting to feed your Tamagotchi was one of your biggest fears back then...

Drink holders from the ’90s made our fave juices even more enjoyable.

We were our own DJs.

We had our fave cartoon characters printed on every single thing around us.

You were praying they’d land face-up and become yours...

We could spend hours creating the craziest outfits ever, feeling like real fashion designers.

There was hardly any pleasure that could be compared to squishing this tube thing filled with pearl jelly.

This is how 3D looked like 3 decades ago.

When we wanted to listen to some specific music we had to rewind and play our audio tapes...

...or insert hit clips into tiny players that could only play like 60 seconds of our fave tracks.

Yeah, we were very crafty back in those days.

A Barbie doll was something every girl dreamed about.

And here’s what Pokémon games looked like back in the ’90s.

One of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys was a Patti keychain.

You needed to have firm hands and good reflexes to win this game.

This one had some really crazy stunts for those who dared!

Transformer toys made Happy Meals a real treat.

You’re surely a girl of the ’90s if you remember fishing those stick-on earrings out of your hair.

If you’re a product of the ’90s, which of these things did you have? Can you remember any other nostalgic toys from your childhood? Feel free to share your memories in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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I remember the Tamagotchi and the water with those circles in them. Love both of those


Actually, I had that pokedex and it was released in 1998, that's 2 years after the first pokemon game was released.

Pokemon games used to look like this in the 90's:

Comment with image on Bright Side

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