20 Things of Crazy Size That Alice Could’ve Seen in Wonderland

3 years ago

When you think of buying yourself, let’s say, a watermelon, we bet you expect to see a pretty large and heavy fruit. But just imagine for a moment that you can fit 5 watermelons in the palm of your hand, that a banana can be about as big as your thumb, and that a mushroom could be so huge that you can barely hold it with both of your hands. It may be hard to believe these things exist, but we can prove it.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected these 20 pics for you of unexpectedly big and small wonders of nature, and we hope you can enlarge our collection by sharing your pics!

1. A giant mushroom someone was lucky to find

2. This single berry can be the substitute for a whole bunch of strawberries.

3. This is probably the smallest banana we’ve seen so far...

4. ...and this one is the largest!

5. A really tiny tomato

6. “My sister found this huge burdock today.”

7. The tininess of this sea star made us gasp in awe.

8.Who knew tulips could be that huge.

9. " I found a tiny pea pod in a bag of frozen peas."

10. “The size of this zucchini my grandfather grew and my hand for scale”

11. A tiny crab that fits on a fingertip

12. “A huge mushroom I saw this week”

13. A carrot that is no thicker than a toothpick

14. Some really tiny watermelons

15. A surprisingly big apple

16. A tiny snail that we would probably not even notice

17. “A tiny egg one of our chickens laid and a normal egg for scale”

18. “My local blueberries are getting huge.”

19. “I grew a tiny melon and it’s the sweetest melon I have ever tasted!”

20. It looks like a tiny eggplant, but it’s actually a huge grape.

Have you ever seen plants or animals that nature made surprisingly huge or small? If you have their pictures, we’d be happy to see them in the comments!


Number 1 looked like a ball of yeast with me before I read the caption.

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