17 Things We Could Only Dream of, and Now They’ve Been Invented

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Sometimes you think that it would be nice to have something new/useful/unbelievable and then you find out that this thing has actually already been invented. For example, a jacket that is good for a cool fall day and the freezing cold. And how happy drivers would be if there were speed bumps that they could cross without shaking. All of these things already exist.

1. This traffic light on the sidewalk is for pedestrians on their cell phones.

2. A sofa with a built-in charging spot

Rogo3in / Pikabu

3. A device to dry umbrellas before going inside

4. Sunlight activated color-changing boots

5. A robot that keeps plants alive

This is a robot that walks around and moves to the appropriate lighting for its plant. It also does a little “I need water!” dance when it senses the plant is low on water.

6. This gaming PC with an integrated coffee machine

7. These batteries have a USB port, so you can charge them.

8. This airport waiting area has a slide.

9. An automatic protector on a door (no scratches anymore)

dopreS0891 / Pikabu

10. This pen has a built-in periodic table.

11. This stop sign can be folded and locked.

12. A chair in an elevator in Japan doubles as a toilet in case you’re trapped during a power outage.

13. A third arm for very busy people

14. These wheels move sideways and can be very helpful for those who have problems with parking.

15. These are contact lenses with telescopic enlargement that triple your vision sharpness. You can even see the surface of the moon with them.

16. These metro seats can change direction.

17. This is a pill camera that needs to be swallowed for a digital endoscopy.

Which of these inventions did you find the most exciting? Tell us in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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Sorry, what is so great about No 23/ That was a system used in trams in the uk decades ago.


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