20+ Times a 3D Printer Made Things None of Us Expected

4 years ago

A creative mind and a 3D printer combined know no limitations. The buzz around 3D printers started just a few years ago, and inventive people have already taken the process to a mind-blowing level. Creators use 3D printers in many spheres of life, whether it’s for musical instruments, clothing, new body parts, food, and even real organs! We’ve also prepared a bonus for you at the end of the article containing an incredible 3D-printed base concept that is set to be built on Mars.

Bright Side loves new technology and inventive ideas, which is why we’ve made a list of unbelievable 3D-printed creations. Get comfortable and let’s have a look!

1. A 3D-printed heart using cells and biological materials from a patient

2. A dress of the future?

3. It’s hard to believe this intricate violin was printed.

And this futuristic-looking violin was used for performances in Japan, Russia, and China.

4. Would you ever want to try riding this bike?

5. Famous paintings that let blind people see them

6. Shoes with a crazy design

3D-printed eco-friendly Adidas shoes using fishnets found in the ocean

7. Cool-looking bionic arms

8. A nano sculpture in the eye of a needle

9. A stylish, wireless Bluetooth speaker can be customized the way you want it.

10. 3D-printed cars that cost less

An adorable mini-car for big cities

11. A house that can be printed in just 24 hours

And this ready-to-live-in villa that’s completely 3D printed!

12. Food that turns the whole cooking process upside down

This is oddly satisfying to watch as it’s being “printed”.

13. Who needs selfies when you can 3D-print your own face?

14. Fancy ceramics for plant lovers

15. It’s unbelievable, but this jewelry was also 3D-printed.

16. These modern bridges in China are 3D-printed.

17. Teeth and jaw implants to help people get a completely new look

18. Nail art for attending parties or just for everyday life

19. A camera lens that helps to take amazing photos

20. Cosplay supplies for all the fans

21. An exo-leg to turn limitations into cool features

Bonus: 3D printers will build a base for astronauts on Mars!

Have you ever created anything using a 3D printer? Would you even want to? What would it be? Let’s discuss it in the comment section!

Preview photo credit coolmatt701 / reddit


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The ideas are really cool though. But I wonder, most of there items are printed using plastic.. Is this production even environmentally friendly?


I like the car idea, I think if this goes to a mass production, it will turn the industry upside down.
Does someone know, is the production of 3D printed car costs less than a real car?
It would be so cool


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