20 Times Animal Faces Said Things We Weren’t Ready For

3 years ago

It is so funny when we see a very confused look from animals or from our pets. Like you don’t know if they have done something naughty or they just want some more yummy food. People in this article have managed to take pics of these hilarious moments, and they are a sight to behold!

We at Bright Side are always happy to share extraordinary pics of animals with our readers that will hopefully put a big smile on their face. Enjoy!

1. “Took a shot of this guy yesterday, guess he wasn’t too happy about it.”

2. “If you tickle my nose one more time...”

3. This kitty has to take a lot of baths, and as we can see from her face, she doesn’t like it.

4. “You’re not in charge anymore. And he says it’s dinner time. NOW.”

5. “My sister’s cat is not in the mood for a selfie.”

6. “This is my boxer puppy Daisy after I asked her if she wanted to go to the dog park.”

7. “I love taking long baths!”

8. “Adopted him 14 months ago. I get to see this face every single night. No regrets!”

9. “Looking for the weekend like...”

10. His face says how much he likes selfies.

11. “My cat is very photogenic...”

12. “Sorry, what were you talking about?”

13. “My dog just stands up like he’s in the club judging people.”

14. It seems like this guy’s up to something...

15. Angry birds are real!

16. This angry turtle is so disappointed with life.

17. “My cat Nimitz, the face of pure rage”

18. “Playing with other doggos makes Cooper the happiest pup!”

19. That’s a whole lot of curiosity in one face.

20. “What are you up to this time, huh?”

Do you have any pics of your confused pets? Please share them down below, we would love to see them!

Preview photo credit 2383galjeb / Reddit


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