20 Times Animals Reached the Maximum Level of Being Both Derpy and Cute

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Imagine you come back home after work and see the cute, friendly face of your cat. Then you realize that they ripped apart a pack of bagels and took a tiny bite out of each one just because you were late to feed them. It’s just not possible to get angry because they are such derps.

1. “My сat stands up when he hears bell noises.”

2. “My new kitten has seen the light of a supreme being, and it is milk.”

3. “This small guy is stuck in the knot and has been sitting like that for a while.”

4. “We adopted him 3 days ago. The derp is strong in this one.”

5. “He thought he was being sneaky, he loves to steal chips.”

6. “He’s such a distinguished gentleman.”

7. “My sister’s cat worshipping some kind of supreme being”

8. They look like derps.

9. “Winston loves the foster kitty.”

10. “What’s on my head?”

11. “The cat was mad we weren’t home to feed her dinner and got back at us by ripping apart a pack of bagels and taking a tiny bite out of each one.”

12. “Stella (the black dog) didn’t want to move from the front seat, and Pepper didn’t want to either.”

13. “I wanted to be an elephant. Mistakes were made.”

14. “My dog really loves bubbles.”

15. “My dad put a new light in the garden and left the ladder up, so naturally, our quality assurance manager had to inspect the quality of his work.”

16. “Waiting on my laundry and looking over to see this dingus”

17. “Say cheese, Pancho.”

18. “The way our cat, Millie, lets us know someone is here”

19. “I lost my cat today and eventually found him like this, staring at me.”

20. “Too bored to stay home, but too lazy to actually go for a walk.”

Are you a dog or cat lover? How did your pet change your life?

Preview photo credit Flbudskis / Reddit


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