20+ Times Animals Slept in Such Awkward Positions, It Was Hilarious

3 years ago

Sleep is the time when we don’t control our bodies, and sometimes this turns out to be absolutely hilarious. For example, sperm whales and walruses sleep “standing still” in the water. And we thought cats are the weirdest sleepers on Earth!

Bright Side has collected pictures of animals sleeping in the most unexpected poses and places. Enjoy!

1. This is all cats’ most favorite sleeping position ever:

2. The baby’s too tired of playing

3. What a nice pillow down there!

4. This is how it feels when you wake up and realize you don’t need to go anywhere today:

5. Athletes’ sleeping routine

6. Synchronized sleeping

7. Just 5 more minutes, please!

8. This is when you finally made it to your bed after a loooong day:

9. Chilling...

10. This guy literally FELL asleep:

11. Don't touch me. I'm sleeping.

12. Too bored to stay awake

13. Look at this sweet sleeping couple!

14. Cats can sleep anywhere and everywhere.

15. Looks like he's dreaming of something delicious.

16. I'll just hide here and take a nap...

17. Family naps are the best.

18. This is how sperm whales sleep:

19. Guitarists' pets sleep like this:

20. Cheeks need rest from all the chewing.

21. The sleeping position rule: it's not strange if it's comfy.

22. Just another lazy day...

Have you ever caught your pets sleeping in funny poses? Don't be shy to share the photos in the comments. Let's laugh together!


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