23 Warm Photos That Can Make You Want to Hug All the Cats in the World

4 years ago

If you’ve ever let a cat into your heart, you instantly start to love any and all cats. It becomes impossible to pass by these fluffies on the street without petting them or treating them to something yummy. You always feel like caressing them, you’re amazed at their tricks, and are always looking for pics of them on the internet. Could it be cat magic? Yes, definitely.

We at Bright Side can never help looking through another compilation of these mushy creatures and hope that many more other kitty compilations will be there in the future.

This is Jack. He hates baths, but loves sitting in his towel.

“This is my preferred way to watch movies.”

“I fed this stray kitten that was in my back yard yesterday. Today I came downstairs to this.”

When all you need is a good massage:

It seems that this cat has decided the bed in this doll house was made especially for him.

“I was about to fold towels when this little girl decided to jump into the dryer. I spun the drum to try and make her leave and this was the result.”

His favorite way to cuddle:

This cat’s taking drawing lessons with the help of Bob Ross.

When you are graceful even in your sleep:

Some things never change.

Cats always get what they want.

“The only family member to come and greet me at the door after 11 hours of class.”

A morning walk with your bestie is a good start to the day.

Now it’s not only CatDog but also CatRabbit.

“My son and our cat every single day...”

The cat.exe file didn’t load.

He wants this honeycomb cereal a lot.

When you are tired of resting:

It’s hard to believe, but this is a living cat. His name is Bandit and he turned 25 years old on December 7th, 2018!

Who wants a soft and kissable purrito?

Somehow this freeloading cat hanging around my place ended up in my bed.

“Been feeding this stray cat for a little under a year. Thought she was getting fat. Turns out she had 3 kittens and brought them to me.”

When you come to the barn in the morning and find a new friend there:

We are sure that most of our readers have a fluffy pet living in their homes. Please share their photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit everythingsexpensive / Reddit


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