20 Times Animals Were So Curious, They Stole the Show

4 years ago

Both professional and amateur photographers have pictures photobombed by wild animals or pets. Be it a photoshoot in the wild, or just a selfie at home, curious animals will never miss their chance to appear in your photo and steal the spotlight. It’s hard to disagree, however, that these cute intruders make the shots even better.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve had a good laugh at these pictures of animals unexpectedly showing up in these pics, and now it’s your turn!

1. Hey, buddy, we want that nice Bali vacation shot too!

2. A cute seal joining the renowned wildlife photographer Art Wolf during one of his photoshoots in South Georgia

3. “This clever meerkat climbed onto my lens so that he could spot any predators that might be lurking in the long grass.”

4. If you’re a human, you say, “cheese”. If you’re a giraffe, you show your tongue.

5. “Yes, I’m scared but I won’t give up on this photo.”

6. That flower must smell really nice.

7. A family photo without a dog is not a family photo.

8. “You don’t want a picture of that dog. You want a picture of me, human!”

9. A friendly walrus says, “Hello!”

10. “This llama stole the spotlight from me while I was trying to get a picture taken at the summit of Machu Picchu, Peru.”

11. “This walrus is clearly not camera shy!”

12. “Are you going to the city, sir?”

13. “Our bird watching got interrupted by some very curious islanders...”

14. “Not so fast, human! I want to see the pics you’ve taken first.”

15. “Why would anyone want a picture with that horse? Take a picture of me!”

16. “Do I look nice?”

17. Stingrays are professional selfie models.

18. This is what we call a “perfectly timed photo”.

19. When you suddenly learn that your human has another pet:

20. The best parrot photobomb ever!

Which of these shots seemed the funniest to you? Do you have your own pics photobombed by animals? Feel free to share your impressions and pics in the comments!


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