20+ Times Fluffy Babies Grew to the Size of an Elephant but Feel as If They’re Still Tiny Creatures

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When people get pets, they don’t always think about how big they might grow. Sometimes, the owners of such giants have to deal with everyday difficulties. But communicating with big pets is just as pleasant as it is with small ones. The only problem is having to carry a 27-pound cat around in your arms.

“Our cat is taking up the entire nightstand.”

“Look at me!”

“Our baby”

“I was sleeping until a 110-lb dog jumped on me.”

“We don’t exactly know the breed of our cat. She’s 27 pounds.”

You don’t need a babysitter if you have a pet.

“This is our dog, Finn. Sometimes, he behaves better than my kids.”

“Meet Merlin, eater of spiders and lover of plastic bags!”

And this baby is just 1 year old.

“This cat is trying to steal my girlfriend.”

“Establishing sleeping arrangements on the first night in the new house”

“He’s 1.5 years old.”

“My giant dog is such a cuddle bug! I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s the same size as the cat.”

“And we thought squirrels stole our strawberries!”

This cat wasn’t happy about taking pictures.

“Oops. Where are you going to sleep?”

“My cat Tomas is more like a dog. This is him with our dogs.”

“Griggs knows how to make a mess.”

“Someone left our gate open, and our dog escaped. Someone put in a call, saying that a bear was walking around the streets.”

Still has a cute face.

“Heard a dull thump. Literally was asleep, fell off and decided this was his life now and went back to sleep like this.”

“This is Mochi. People are constantly asking me what breed he is.”

“My kitten is 7 months old.”

“Our 4-month puppy — we’ve just weighed him: he is more than 60 pounds.”

Would you prefer to have a big pet or a small one?

Preview photo credit j52624728 / Reddit


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Those are some big muffins, I could snuggle them all until they get sick of me. Especially the kitties!


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