20 Times Life Was Spiced Up by Surprises No One Expected

2 years ago

If you think that you know this world, think again. Literally, any simple thing can surprise you on any given day. We even still wonder how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built and we’ve had lots of time to solve this mystery. Our world is stunning, and every day can become extraordinary.

We at Bright Side never stop wondering about the world and are sharing 20 simple things that really surprised us.

1. “I had a lawnmower accident 10 years ago, wasn’t supposed to grow nails back.”

2. “Sunlight through the window melted my keyboard.”

3. “This massive amount of cicada exoskeletons on my tire”

4. “Decomposing denim pants I found on the job yesterday”

5. “This laminated paper sign has turned into a bag full of water.”

6. “A 100-year-old clam from the Great Barrier Reef”

7. “Bread from Whole Foods...more like Hole Foods”

8. “There was a bag of tiny dice inside my bar of soap.”

9. “This driver closed the truck door with the middle of his boots in.”

10. “The hair on my arm that my cast was removed from has grown a lot more than normal.”

11. “I thought I had put socks on my son this morning. Turns out they were gloves. My mother-in-law sent me this.”

12. Happy tree stump

13. “Didn’t move my car for a few weeks and suddenly saw this little beehive in my trunk.”

14. “This spider web built on a broken light”

15. “Static electricity made crystals of herbal powder on my spoon today.”

16. “Eggs laid by an old hen on the left and a young hen on right”

17. “Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square.”

18. “I share a house with several other people. First time doing laundry in a couple of weeks, checked the lint filter.”

19. “I found this fence on a walk.”

20. “This jacket has a little hole that you can see your watch through.”

What little wonder has happened to you recently? Do you have your own pics of simple things being unusual? Please share them with us!

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

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loved Al the exoskeletons on the tyre, not sure about the bee hive looks like it belongs to hornets to be honest, but it could just be me, lol


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