20 Times Luck Took People by Surprise

3 years ago

Be it a sudden encounter with a beautiful animal or a simple kindness from a complete stranger, you can never truly know what awaits you around the corner. But this unpredictability of luck is what helps us to keep our inner child cheerful and our eyes wide-open for surprises. It reminds us of how wonderful the world is.

We at Bright Side love when the universe plays its little tricks on us, so we gathered 20 people who have these stories to tell.

1. “The rare white Buffalo I saw along my drive in Colorado with fresh snow on the ground”

2. Workers found a heart-shaped amethyst geode hiding in a rock.

3. “My husband ordered a used laptop and it arrived packed in little paper cranes.”

4. “I got this envelope in the mail. Almost threw it away thinking it was junk mail. It is! But there were also 5 dollars inside!”

5. “Our pack of apples came with a free mini apple Christmas sweater.”

6. “I found a whole Oreo on the surface of my ice cream.”

7. “Removed an old nasty drop ceiling from a home built in 1840 and found this hiding underneath.”

8. “Ordered books for this quarter of school and got an energy drink and discount codes for food!”

9. “The hotel cleaner said he’s going to surprise us with something awesome, came back to this!”

10. “A guy mailed something to our store and used actual peanuts instead of packing peanuts.”

11. “Doing work under someone’s house in their crawlspace and found a bunch of figurines.”

12. “My LEGO bonsai came with small frogs as blossoms.”

13. “This pizza with WAY more toppings than shown on the box.”

14. “Megalodon tooth I found in a dirty Florida creek!”

15. “The finger holes for my cabinets have very old coins in them. 1889 and 1907 on this particular one.”

16. “We removed a wall in a Victorian house which revealed an old coal range.”

17. “I found a little mouse entrance on the side of the restaurant I went to this morning!”

18. “A squirrel has been using my boot to stock up for winter.”

19. “My sister is going through a really hard time and just found this in her mailbox.”

“Hi! You are the target of a random act of kindness. No matter where this gift finds you in your life journey, please know that there are people who care about you and love you. Happy New Year!”

20. A double rainbow with lightning

What lucky surprises have happened to you?


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