20 Times Nature Made Us Believe in Magic

3 years ago

Thunderstorms from a fairytale, transparent flowers, and skies that seem like they keep secrets from us. There are wonderful sights that are always in front of us. However, we need to be there in the moment, aware of our surroundings, in order to not miss these exceptional phenomena.

We at Bright Side created a list with images that seem like they have mystical properties and we are sharing them with all of you.

1. 170 ft wide tree

2. ’Albino’ redwood

3. Bioluminescent termite mound

4. Bagworm Moth Caterpillar

5. A tree design inside a stump

6. Teardrop-shaped chicken egg

7. Eclipse on the 26th of December, 2019

8.Stairway to haven

9. A 30-million-year-old petrified pinecone

10. Mushroom-like iceberg

11. “Lighting struck right when I went to take a picture of a storm and this happened...”

12. This tropical lighting storm looks like a scene from a fairytale.

13. Iridescent clouds

14. Seafoam after a storm in Spain

15. Spotted in the sky over Texas

16. Helmcken Falls, Canada

17. There is a beach in Costa Rica that looks like a whale tail and can be walked on only during low tide.

18. A harpy eagle looks like a human in disguise.

19. Crystal caterpillar

20. This wasp nest looks like Jupiter.

Have you seen any amusing natural phenomena? Which one did you like the most from this list?

Preview photo credit akroller74pk / reddit


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