20 Times People Got Dream Gifts They Will Never Ever Forget

3 years ago

Finding the best and most thoughtful gift for your loved ones is a real struggle. When even a Google-search for ’unique gifts’ doesn’t seem to get you the desired results, you probably need another source of inspiration. Luckily, there are some people who are great examples of unique gift-givers, for instance, they create a truly next-level Sleeping Beauty cake or a ’memory pillow’ that will definitely make you tear up a little.

Get ready to be inspired by the 20 most heart-warming and creative gifts found by the Bright Side team.

1. Her boyfriend gave her her favorite book with ’their’ date folded into the pages.

2. “My birthday present my mom made me”

3. “I built a word clock for my girlfriend as a birthday present. Once a year, a special message is displayed on her birthday.”

4. A memory pillow

This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know that I am there. Love, dad.

5. My grandpa gave this to my dad when he was in high school and he used it to navigate the sometimes foggy waters as a marine. He passed it on to me, so that I may find direction in life.

6. “My dad made me the most incredible Christmas gift!”

7. This Harry Potter package contained a magnetic wand with which you can ’magically’ lift the little bottles with memories.

8. I turned this boy’s drawing into a toy and gave it to him on his birthday. His reaction was priceless.

9. “My friend made me this amazing gift for my birthday.”

Colleen, WOOO! HAPPY B-DAY! I have no idea how old you are Colleen! And the older YOU get, the more confused I get about it. Your bud, champ! (JK. It’s Melanie)

10. “My sister and brother in law gave us a date night wallet, filled with gift cards for local dates. Best wedding gift to give if you can!”

11. “I got this for my girlfriend as a birthday present, but... why shouldn’t I keep it?”

12. “So, my friend made a life-size Snorlax for my husband.”

13. “Best birthday present EVER!”

14. “My favorite artist meets my favorite movie. I can’t wait to frame and hang it.”

15. “My little brother made this for me.”

16. “I got an old half-used box of chalk from the kids at a high needs school, because they thought I only had one. They have such a hard life and still not only thought of giving me a present, but really thought about something useful.”

17. “Beautiful, handmade and hand-painted, wooden Monopoly board I made as a gift to my sister”

18. Now this is a thoughtful present that you can even keep close to you every day.

Serotonin is also called a happy chemical since it contributes to well-being and happiness.

19. This Tie Fighter cake looks very real!

20. “My sister hand-made my wedding dress.”

Are you also deeply inspired by these amazing gifts? What is the best present you’ve ever received (or given)?

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I folded books too when I was a kid, was more interesting than reading them ?


I love the ring at 11! I wish I had one of those myself! I love LOTR


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