20 Times People Got Tiny Pupsters but Forgot to Hide the Magic Growth Dust

3 years ago

You can love your little puppies and take care of them so much that you won’t even notice how big they’ve grown. In many cases, the puppies that could once fit in the palm of your hand are now taller than you. But regardless of these radical changes, their eyes tell the same story: they love their owners unconditionally.

Bright Side has prepared a new load of pics for our readers that will make you want to jump up and hug your pup the minute you finish looking at them. There’s also a special bonus waiting for you at the end of the article.

1. From a little puppy to a gigantic dog

2. “From 6 weeks to 6 months”

3. What a difference 3 months can make!

4. “I’m so lucky to be her human!”

5. “Beasley is a 3-month-old puppy in the first pic, then a 5-month-old doggo in the second pic, and a 7-month-old beast in the last pic!”

6. “Jack from 5 weeks to 18 months”

7. “My sister and her dog, Maxo! 1 month to 6 months old”

8. “My contribution to animals growing up!”

9. “Growing up together!”

10. “Exactly 1 year with this big boy!”

11. “This little puppy turned into a giant furry beast.”

12. “Next time we’ll expect a picture of the dog carrying her!”

13. “One year makes a lot of difference.”

14. “The growth of a golden retriever”

15. “They grow up so fast!”

16. “2.5 months to 7 months, and she’s still a fuzzy fluff ball!”

17. “8 weeks to 11 months”

18. “8 weeks to 1 year — she’s gained about 90 pounds.”

19. “From 9 weeks to 13 weeks to 21 weeks”

20. “My friend rescued Sako after its owners threw him and his siblings in a bin. He’s the only survivor and is now 6 months old!”

Bonus: “Bone went to the vet and passed all his yearly check-ups!”

Did your pet also grow up too fast? Have you noticed any drastic changes in a short span of time? Please share your pics down below, we’d love to see!

Preview photo credit MicTyson / imgur


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