20 Times People Showed What It Meant to Do a Job Right

4 years ago

More often than not, we encounter things that could use some improvement, like those awkward gaps between public restroom stalls. But sometimes you get lucky and find an object or place that was so wonderfully made, you’re left amazed by it.

Bright Side is bringing you some photos that prove how incredible things can get when someone goes the extra mile to do the best job possible.

1. The perfect public bathroom door

2. The joy of never having to eat stale cereal ever again!

3. USB chargers in every chair at an airport? Is this a dream?

4. We’re in the golden age for avoiding germs in public restrooms.

5. A public bench with an extendable middle piece that acts as a table for 2 people

6. If buckets had a king or queen, this would be it.

7. The days of not being 100% comfortable using your phone while it charges are gone.

8. Let’s rejoice for all the bags not falling to the ground!

9. A bar that has a frosted strip to rest your drink on so it stays cold

10. The time has come: no more turning on the lights instead of the fan!

11. The next step is making ties that also allow you to clean your glasses.

12. “This restaurant has little windows in the table so you won’t spill on your phone.”

13. An elevator with giant buttons you can press with your feet for when your hands are full

14. Keeping your private parking space to yourself has never been easier!

15. Coffee breaks have reached a whole new level.

16. Barking spaces

17. So much confusion would be avoided if these were in all fitting rooms.

18. Can you imagine the number of mishaps that have been avoided?

19. Calling for a waiter or asking for the check doesn’t have to be frustrating or loud ever again.

20. “My hotel room had a heated panel behind the bathroom mirror to stop it from steaming up after a shower.”

Which of these things do you think should absolutely exist everywhere? Have you seen any other awesome things we should know about? Talk to us about it in the comments — we’ll be waiting to hear from you!

Preview photo credit IsDinosaur / Reddit


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